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Hindi Killer Free Download

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Hindi Killer Free Download

A succession of British agents have been killed in different ways but each one has been carefully wrapped in polythene before being dumped in a graveyard. With Miss King on her holidays Steed is joined by Lady Diana Forbes- Blakeney to investigate a sinister factory which houses the deadly computer REMAK - Remote Electro- Matic Agent Killer, which must be destroyed. "Killer" begins with Linda Thorson's Tara King going off on vacation, leaving Steed to work on his latest assignment with Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney (Jennifer Croxton), who bears a slight resemblance to Emma Peel, but is only a faint echo of the absent Tara. Mother's agent task force (a rather dim lot, actually) is being systematically killed off one by one, with each corpse tidied up, dry cleaned, and left to be found in a graveyard (where else?). Alas, it's all too clear what's going on, and the dubious charms of Croxton's attractive but overrated Forbes do not make for another Tara, or Emma, or Cathy Gale. The climactic showdown also fails to lift this episode above average. Some series veterans appearing for a final time include William Franklyn ("Silent Dust"), John Bailey ("A Change of Bait," "Killer Whale," "Dial a Deadly Number"), James Bree ("Immortal Clay"), Anthony Valentine ("The Bird Who Knew Too Much"), and Jonathan Elsom ("The See-Through Man"). Somebody is killing off large numbers of agents and because Tara is on holiday Steed must work with a new partner; Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney. Mother's organisation in investigating a killer named Remak but every time an agent gets close they end up dead from multiple causes; their bodies wrapped in polythene and dumped in a graveyard. It is all very strange; despite suffering multiple fatal injuries their clothes are clean and show no obvious sign of damage. As the episode does on more and more agents die; each being given information about Remak from an apparently dying agent. Eventually Steed comes face to face with Remak; will he solve the case or become the next victim?

This isn't a bad episode but it does suffer from Tara's absence; when she isn't there we realise just how good the chemistry between her and Steed is… a chemistry he doesn't have with Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney. Jennifer Croxton isn't bad in the role but there isn't time for any relationship to develop. The murders are interesting although the agents can't be all that bright as they are lured to their deaths rather easily even when they know other agents have been killed. Surprisingly Steed too gets lured into Remak's sights… although he is inevitably able to defeat his attacker. The identity of Remak turns out to be a surprise too; he is no human killer but a computer designed to kill agents lured into the building where it is house. Overall not a great episode but fun enough.


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