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Against Their Will: Women In Prison Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

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Against Their Will: Women In Prison Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

Behind prison walls, corruption, sex and power make criminals out of the guards and heroes out of the guarded. For more than a decade, the lawless guards inside a maximum security women's prison have reigned with impunity - rape, sex for money and illegal favors have become the norm until one woman decides to battle the system. Leading a group of inmates on a risky life-or-death struggle for justice, a ten year silence is finally broken, exposing the twisted truth to the world and enabling the prisoners the freedom to live without fear. I must say I was surprised when I saw this movie. I never would have thought it'd end the way it did but its a lifetime movie so it had to. It seems that all lifetime movies end on a good note for the women but that just seems to be a bit unfair I mean half the time the guy did nothing at all. I am glad that it worked out in the end but i had missed the middle of the movie so I can't give it a perfect score but it was good all the same. The movie was a good way to view how justice can be served when its needed. I never thought the twist would be the way it was. The movie was a good movie and had a good plot. I wish I had seen the middle of the movie. I mean I never expected the one scene when the one girl went up to the office to have happened. I'm sorry to say I have to give it an 8 out of 10. The only portion of the previous comment I agree with is that the movie is good. The statements of "the guy hardly ever did anything" is entirely wrong. All throughout this film there are scenes of rape, beatings,coercion and forced medication on the part of the prison guards onto the general population. There is only one female guard in the entire prison so men are allowed to do as they wish to women who have been cast out of society for acting "unwomanly". It is a wonderful film and a true account of the horrors of the modern day prison system. We seem to hold the belief that when someone is incarcerated, guilty or not, whatever treatment they receive on "the inside" is something they deserve. What about respect for autonomy and human dignity? what about the concept of rehabilitation? We lock human beings up in cages like animals and subject them to constant inhuman treatment and wonder why upon release they wind up more violent and committed to a life of crime than they were upon entry. I wish more could see this film, perhaps it would give needed attention to a large problem hidden in plain sight.


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