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Sumo Vixens Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Sumo Vixens Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

One of the questionable delights of the Kei Mizutani box set. Minor yakuza gang, the Domino agency, covets land owned by ailing auntie of closed Women's Sumo group. His men cannot handle the wrestlers so he hires ruthless female squad to put the squeeze on the owners. In the nick of time, old female squad nemesis (Kei Mizutani) - appears and sides with the wrestling team. Film climaxes with major female sumo tournament. Silly comedy, forced to farcical stupidity. Technical note - The video transfer on the DVD is terrible. On the other hand, these are "topless" female sumo wrestlers, and all very thin. Puritans beware, copious nudity abounds. Fairly routine erotica from Japan. The plot revolves around a fresh-out-of-jail sumo wrestler who starts a female sumo wrestling club. Of course, the Yakuza are out to get him, so there is a mighty sumo showdown.

There are breasts every where in this movie, so lovers of the mammary glands will find much to appreciate. There are very few freak breasts, I am happy to report. However, as to the attractiveness level for most of this movie, it stays pretty minimal. The movie tries to play up the comedy angles far too much, and any sexual tension in the movie is non-existent.

None of the characters stand out, and besides one vaguely amusing lesbian scene, there is no sex to speak of in the film. And even that one scene has a crazy miracle flower that's always in the camera's way.

If you like breasts, go get a Russ Meyer movie. I'd say this is only for fans of sumo, topless women, manga, and loud shrill men. I don't know how many of them there are, but there you go.


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