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A Man Walks Into A Bar... Full Movie Download Mp4

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A Man Walks Into A Bar... Full Movie Download Mp4

A commander dies of a gunshot in his own stateroom aboard his ship; Gibbs and company investigate; a shrink accompanies the gang so that she can conduct mandatory psychologic evaluations for all members of the team. She and the team finish. Someone shoots and kills the executive officer (XO) of a Naval vessel, a commander, in his own stateroom; Gibbs and company investigate. However, a shrink (a persistent and presumptuous one) arrives to conduct mandatory psychologic evaluations for all members of the gang, and she accompanies them aboard the ship. Ziva recognizes the spent brass as Russian. Word of the murder spreads fast, for seven international journalists are aboard as guests; one reporter makes a confession and reveals a potential powder keg. The team continue, and they eventually find the solution. Meanwhile, the shrink also continues, eliciting a number of flashbacks, mostly related to Kate Todd, a former member and special agent. Eventually Tony and Gibbs realize who the shrink is, then she submits her report to the director. with the psych evaluation going on at the same time as the investigation continues for the killer of the dead naval officer, the episode just gets more interesting by the minute. the episode mostly involves footage of the first 2 seasons of the show when agent Caitlin Todd(Sasha Alexander)was around. while going through the psych evaluation each member of the team realizes how much they miss and how they felt about agent Todd when she was around. the story was really well written. it was really good seeing Sasha Alexander back on the show even though it was archive footage. for anyone who is like me and have missed Sasha Alexander on the show since she left in 2005 this is really an interesting and eye tearing episode. this episode really does deserve 10/10.


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