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Karna Movie Mp4 Download

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Karna Movie Mp4 Download

Brave Karna proves his bravery and loyalty but endures humiliation. Born with an Armour and ear-rings, and bequeathed as a gift from Surya to an unwed Kunthi (M.V. Rajamma), Karna (Shivaji Ganesan) is abandoned so as to prevent embarrassment for her. He is set afloat in the Ganga, rescued and adopted by a horse-carriage driver, who is employed with Raja Dhritarashtra. Instead of adapting to his foster father's profession, he was more interested in obtaining training as a warrior. Upon being refused, he turned to Suryadev, and learned all aspects of warfare - little knowing that soon he will be befriended by Rajkumar Dhuryodhan (S.A. Ashokan), and be compelled to take up arms against the Pandavas - the sons of none other than Kunthi herself.


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