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The Girl From Auntie Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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The Girl From Auntie Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

When Steed returns home early from a holiday, he finds Mrs. Peel replaced by an actress, Georgie Price-Jones. Subsequently everyone involved in the hiring of Georgie is stabbed to death with double-O knitting needles. It seems the real Mrs. Peel has become Lot 17 of 'Art Incorporated', an organization which prides itself on being able to obtain any object for any one as long as the price is right. Steed returns from a long holiday to find an impostor has replaced Emma. The girl - Georgie Price-Jones ( Liz Fraser ) - is a struggling actress, so she and Steed try to find out who hired her. The trail leads across London. Everywhere they go, they find dead people, all murdered with type Double-O knitting needles. The killer is a sweet old lady ( Mary Merrall ) in the employ of 'Gregorio Auntie' ( Alfred Burke ), head of 'Art Incorporated', a man who can, for a high price, sell you anything you want. He leaves perfect replicas in place of the objects he has stolen ( somehow he managed to swipe the Mona Lisa from the Louvre ), hence the substitution of Mrs.Peel by Georgie. Emma, designated as 'Lot 17', is to be sold to creepy Russian spy 'Ivanov' ( David Bauer ) unless Steed can make a suitable counter-offer...

Wonderful episode of the fourth season of 'The Avengers', boasting a witty Roger Marshall script, stylish direction by the late Roy Ward Baker, and a terrific set of guest performances, particularly from Fraser, Burke ( then established as 'Frank Marker' of I.T.V.'s detective drama 'Public Eye' ), and Bernard Cribbins as 'Arkwright', head of a knitting circle where old ladies make clothes to the sound of American country music. Mary Merrall and Sylvia Coleridge are good too. Some lovely jokes - 'Lady Bracknell' is handed her handbag, four characters are named 'John, Paul, George, and Fred', and 'Ivanov' is named after one of the major figures in the Profumo affair.

Things To Look Out For - a very funny performance by the late Ray Martine as a befuddled taxi driver. He has no lines but is far better here than he ever was in 'Jokers Wild'.

'Carry On' star Fraser twinkles as 'Georgie', and one regrets that she was never used in the show again.

The cherry on the cake is Laurie Johnson's jaunty harpsichord incidental music, which accompanies Steed and Georgie on their investigations. Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) is abducted from a fancy dress party at dawn by an elderly lady on a bicycle who fakes an accident by falling from it. When Mrs Peel goes to help, this seemingly harmless little old lady sticks a hypodermic into her arm rendering her unconscious. John Steed (Patrick Macnee) returns from holiday to find an imposter in the form of an actress called Georgie Price-Jones (Liz Fraser). Needless to say, Steed realises she is an imposter but it turns out to be an innocent one with no idea as to why somebody paid her to impersonate Mrs Peel. The body count rises as everybody connected with Georgie ends up dead, stabbed with knitting needles wielded by the same little old lady who grabbed Mrs Peel. "Auntie did it" says one of her victims in his dying words. Georgie teams up with Steed to find Mrs Peel and they trace the knitting needles to an eccentric establishment called the Arkwright Knitting Circle presided over by Arkwright (Bernard Cribbins). His office is situated opposite to another eccentric establishment called Art Incorporated, "The unobtainable obtainable", reads the sign on the door. It is here that proves to be the villain of the piece. Gregorio Auntie (Alfred Burke) can get anything for anybody no matter how difficult for a high fee. He has acquired Mrs Peel for an enemy agent called Ivanoff (David Bauer) who wants her for the valuable information she carries in her mind. Steed tries to box clever and arranges for Ivanoff's arrest so that he can buy her instead. However, Auntie decides to put Mrs Peel up for auction and Steed finds himself bidding against several enemy agents for her...

The Girl From Auntie is classic Avengers and it is an ideal starting point for someone who has never seen the show before. It has many of the hallmarks that made the series so popular and has ensured its lasting cult status. It has an imaginative and witty script by Roger Marshall who was a regular writer for this series. For instance, Mrs Peel went to this fancy dress party as a bird so what else does Gregorio Auntie keep her imprisoned in but a giant birdcage. "I'm sure that you would like to spread out your feathers and fly away" he says to her. There is another great moment where Auntie tells Steed (who is posing as an art expert, "I know you wouldn't shoot me stood in front of the Mona Lisa") that he has a client who is a Texan millionaire who wants the Eiffel Tower for his oil well. But the only problem is working out how to transport it out of Paris for delivery to his client. Bernard Cribbins is good as the eccentric knitting fanatic, Arkwright, who presides over his classes as if he is directing ballet. "Fingers nimble, fingers straight, knit to the left and purl to the right" he sings. Alfred Burke is noteworthy as Gregorio Auntie and Liz Fraser does well as Georgie Price-Jones, an innocent who ends up as Steed's sidekick. She has a cracking moment in Mrs Peel's apartment where she is studying one of her self-defense books, which happens to be authored by Ray Austin - the show's stunt arranger. The little old lady with the knitting needle is creeping up behind her about to strike and Georgie is reading the part that says what to do if your opponent is approaching armed with a knife or gun. "Place your arm over your right shoulder and grasp opponents wrist" and she goes to act it out and in a moment of impeccable timing she grabs the little old lady's wrist completely unaware of her presence and manages to throw her to the ground.

Overall, this episode is a good starting place for those who have never watched the show before although I could recommend other episodes that stand out enough for that purpose. There is enough of the show's quirky humour here to keep the fans happy and the episode displays the show's marvelous ability to attract a number of excellent guest stars made up of some of Britain's best character actors. In this case we have Liz Fraser and Bernard Cribbins. The direction is by Roy Baker who was the celebrated director of the classic Titanic movie, A Night To Remember, and throughout the sixties he worked on many of Britain's cult TV shows including several for The Avengers.


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