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Saigo No Hamon Full Movie Download Mp4

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Saigo No Hamon Full Movie Download Mp4

JoJo thinks he has killed Dio, but Dio decapitated himself before the Ripple reached him. Dio's zombie servant Wang Chung recovers Dio's head. Meanwhile, with the stone mask destroyed, JoJo marries Erina and takes her on a honeymoon cruise to America. Thanks to Wang Chung, however, JoJo must eventually face the resurrected Dio, who now wants JoJo's body to replace his own. The cruise ship runs amok with zombies after Wang Chung spreads the infection, but JoJo destroys them all by exploding the ship using the last Ripple energy he has. Erina vows to die by JoJo's side, but JoJo convinces her to live on by hiding in a bombproof coffin. When Dio makes a last-ditch attempt to take JoJo's body, JoJo stops him and dies with Dio's head in his arms. Rescued a few days later near the Canary Islands, Erina passes on through the generations the truth of what happened that night, starting with the child she conceived with JoJo before his untimely death


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