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Ninja: Prophecy Of Death Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

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Ninja: Prophecy Of Death Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

A top female ninja assassin (Renee Porada) is left for dead by her own Sect when she opposes the execution of a young female. Surviving the attack, she joins forces with mafia trackers (Lanny Poffo, Brian Anthony, Leon South) to get her revenge against the Sect of ninja assassins led by a 400-year old demon (KK Ryder). To get her revenge, she first must battle her way through the ninjas hierarchy of female assassins (led by Darian Caine) and uncover a plot to continue the Sect's dominance for centuries! Top female ninja assassin The Lost One (a solid and credible performance by Renee Porada) gets left for dead by her own sect after she refuses to help them abduct a little girl. Joining forces with several Mafia trackers, The Lost One vows to get revenge on both the sect and its ruthless clairvoyant leader (a nicely sinister portrayal by K.K. Ryder).

Writer/director Len Kabasinski keeps the story moving along at a steady pace, maintains a tough gritty tone throughout, stages the action scenes with considerable brio, and delivers dollops of nasty gore along with a satisfying smattering of tasty nudity. Alas, this film is slightly marred by dodgy CGI effects and some especially wonky sound issues, with the often grating and overbearing score frequently making the dialogue difficult to hear. Moreover, the narrative initially drags a bit before picking up steam as it goes along. Fortunately, the sturdy cast holds this picture together: Darian Caine as the lethal lead ninja, Lanny Poffo as gruff top-ranking mobster Angelo, Leon South (a.k.a. Kabasinski) as gum-chewing bad-ass Colt, Brian Anthony as the hard-nosed Shale, James Scott Charles Howells as a slimy strip club owner, and, most impressive of all, Sara Brooks as a super sexy and deadly blonde assassin. The competent cinematography provides an appropriately rough look and boasts several nifty visual flourishes. A pretty decent, if flawed, flick. I recently received the latest film from Killerwolf Films Ninja: Prophecy of Death. The film was a return to the action centric films KWF is known for. The film stars Renee Porada as a member of a sect of ninjas led by a demon who can foretell the future. They are sent to wipe out a prominent mob family member and his family. Renee balks at killing the 2 little girls and the wife. The team turns on her and leave her for dead. She is found by Lanny Poffo, another prominent mobster, and his team consisting of Brian Anthony and Leon South. They don't kill her as one of the daughters was taken by the ninja sect per the orders of their leader. The film takes off with tons of action as the group goes after the ninjas though they have differing agendas maybe even competing against each other. The film was a thrill to watch and even though there was some sound issues (the distributor was in such a rush to get the film they didn't give the filmmakers time to correct the problem) it is still fast paced and action packed. Great supporting cast with KK Ryder, Darian Caine, and Deanne Visalle as the lead ninjas. Fans of KWF will not be disappointed with the film.


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