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Zombie Campout Full Movie With English Subtitles Online Download

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Zombie Campout Full Movie With English Subtitles Online Download

Four friends on a weekend camping trip having the time of their lives, when radio-active meteorites crash into a nearby cemetery all hell breaks loose. Who will make it out alive? Radioactive meteorites from a meteor shower crash into a cemetery causing the dead to rise as flesh-eating zombies. Armed with only their wits and few camping supplies, can the attractive teens get out with their skin? Or will they become another midnight snack for the rapidly growing mass of zombies? This Zombie Campout will be one they'll never forget!! It doesn't really know what it wants to be. If Zombie Campout is trying for Evil Dead funny, it's not quite fast enough or jump out of your seat enough. If it's aiming for Dawn of the dead, it's not horrific enough. As it is, the movie plays out like a big reflexive horror movie about movies. It's just kinda scattershot as to where it wants to be at the end of the day.

This is looks to be Mr. Smith's first effort, and by the look of the credits, it's obvious he poured alot of his own sweat and effort into this film. The film has it's share of flubs (texas lic. plates everywhere, and the comet lands in northern Mexico) but it's really all in the details, and this film doesn't need to mess with it. There's no mics in frame, or crew members in the shot (well, maybe one...)

It's got some good laughs, the cast looks like they had fun (smiling zombies tell all) making it, and has really nice gore FX for a budget like this. I did spot a rubber baseball bat, otherwise everything was appropriately nasty looking when it needed to be. There aren't any FX where someone's passing off cow liver as a victim's stomach (like Romero's done...) so big ups on originality in the gore. One of the victims looked like she was really missing her arms...

I'd recommend it to someone who likes a good laugh, or anyone wanting to stage a MST3K-eque show. Better than Manos: the hands of fate or Red Zone Cuba, but maybe not some of the later Police Academy movies. I eagerly await whatever Mr. Smith does next. A bit disjointed at moments but overall a great religious allegory. From some of the other reviews it is obvious that many people didn't "get it". The zombie motif is a brilliant metaphor for the ham-fisted efforts of the L.D.S. religion. The zombies symbolize the persistent evangelical (and often mindless)efforts of its missionaries. The story seems to be designed to be entertaining yet not overly preachy in its critique of Mormon and other evangelical religious cultures.

I found the abortive use of (almost) nudity to represent the sexual repression at play within the evangelical community at large. The director seems to be throwing Mormon hypocrisy at us, forcing us to examine our own conflicted values.

Today's current religious climate has made films such as Zombie Campout necessary. Here in the bible belt it is increasingly difficult to engage in constructive dialogs regarding religion. It appears that the writer chose the L.D.S. community for this metaphor as it seems to be the most glaringly obvious match for the analogy. I am sure that it took some amazing courage to produce this film and to find funding for something so critical of a mainstream religion.

Though some may find the religious overtones too subtle to grapple with I think this film will stand the test of time as the zombie novelty wears off. This film will go a long way to further religious diversity and tolerance.


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