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The Master Minds Full Movie Kickass Torrent

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The Master Minds Full Movie Kickass Torrent

Government minister Sir Clive Todd is wounded as he and other ministers try to steal top secret documents. He has no idea why he did it and hypnosis is suggested. All concerned belonged to a club for people with high I.Q.s called RANSACK, who are about to meet at a school. The Avengers join the club in order to expose the mastermind behind the next heist - the theft of a plane from an R.A.F. base. I didn't much enjoy this the first few times I watched it years ago, but now re-watching my new digitally re-mastered box set I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's classic Avengers; the plot is sound and intelligent and there are eccentrics and a diabolical mastermind, plus a memorable and original fight scene at the climax played over a projected scene in reverse – totally bizarre, but it makes what is already a well-orchestrated fight sequence into something even more memorable; I think this is where the Avengers excels – they take the ordinary and always try to approach from a different angle or turn it on its head or play with your perceptions somehow.

Here Mrs Peel seems to be more the Mrs Peel we know and love, less caustic and arrogant towards Steed – she retains all those qualities, but in moderation, and there is an underlying warmth. I was surprised to read that others found this episode lacking in certain areas, for me this is absolutely first rate entertainment. Sorry, I'm trying to be critical, but there wasn't a moment I didn't thoroughly enjoy – maybe my shiny new box set has gone to my head after years of suffering with a sub-standard French import with loads of faults. A classic instalment in the classic Avengers series - easily worth a 10/10 of anyone's money.

NB. As I don't work for a tabloid newspaper like The Sun (in Britain) coming up with a pun for the title is the most difficult part for me, Diabolical! Refers to the mastermind, not my opinion of this episode. "Diabolical mastermind" becomes something of a catchphrase between Steed and Emma and is used in their final heartbreaking scene in "The Forget-me-not." "The Master Minds" was just the second episode that Diana Rigg shot once she replaced Elizabeth Shepherd as Mrs. Peel, but already a fully formed character is etched in place. When she arrives with Steed at the country home of the injured Sir Clive Todd (Laurence Hardy), she removes her elegant coat, and the camera's eye simply ogles her shapely form from head to toe, in delightful slow motion! Even the stunning bikini-clad appearance of gorgeous Georgina Ward, as the flirtatious daughter of Sir Clive, cannot dim the luster of Emma Peel (be still my heart). Sir Clive was shot in the head during a successful robbery attempt, one of several that The Avengers are investigating, and the trail leads to an organization called Ransack (Steed refers to it as a "scrambling of eggheads"). Steed only manages to achieve genius level because Mrs. Peel supplies him with all the science answers beforehand (she calls him a genius at "cribbing!") Lovely Patricia Haines ("The Nutshell" and "Who's Who???") plays the archery expert Holly Trent, who would fully display her shapely form in the cult feature "Virgin Witch" (1971), directed by AVENGERS stunt double Ray Austin. While John Wentworth previously did "Six Hands Across a Table," other cast members would make return appearances, including Bernard Archard ("Split!"), the unbilled Harry Hutchinson ("The Rotters"), the unbilled Nigel Lambert ("The 50,000 Breakfast"), and the unbilled Harvey Hall ("The See-Through Man"), who gets to fight Steed in the gymnasium climax. There is also an acting turn from future MONTY PYTHON producer/director Ian MacNaughton (this episode was completed January 8 1965).


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