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Hollywood Warrioress: The Movie 720p

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Hollywood Warrioress: The Movie 720p

Teens in LA are being kidnapped and turned into an army of zombies by a demonic madman. With the Heart of Hell in his possession and his army of minions, it appears nothing can stand in his way. The mighty gods of Olympus think otherwise. In order to put a stop to his evil plans the gods of Olympus find their last Demigod, Deborah and instill within her the power to become the HOLLYWOOD WARRIORESS. With the power of the gods coursing through her veins, the Hollywood Warrioress takes on the forces of darkness to save a ravaged world. I have no idea what I just watched. Hollywood Warrioress is a would-be fantasy epic about evil invading the Hollywood hills and an ordinary woman finding herself transformed into a force for good, using magic to battle the odds. It was shot in the Hollywood suburbs and at least has a ring of authenticity to it in the locations, but that's all it HAS got.

Otherwise this is completely dreadful and laughably bad. The cast is made up of middle-aged actresses, all of whom have been indulging in a little too much plastic surgery. They overact and hang around a lot while the camera blurs and shakes occasionally to represent magical forces. The bad effects work has to be seen to be believed, and the whole thing is never believable for a moment. As I said, I have no idea what I just watched. Hollywood Warrioress makes the accomplishment that the majority of movie projects don't seem to aim for. Deborah Dutch and her production team aims at the heart with a diverse and abstract style of storytelling that I call Love Power. If you think about some of the greatest concerns that we have for the youth, the homeless, the overlooked, and the rejected, Hollywood Warrioress aims to fight for those very souls in a unique tour with the beauty of a woman's strength advocating for all under the umbrella of those very people we love and care for. It's very direct in it's combat against darkness and evil that comes through in the form of the spear heads that we can be familiar with in the entertainment business like Producers, Directors, agents etc. With the minimal or the smallest budget a production team could ask for, the filmmakers of Hollywood Warrioress makes the sacrifice of delivering the message of the values of the heart in this original movie. It's in my advice to not compare this movie with the common film that's been made. Especially movies that had the fortune of a mega million dollar budget, but indeed tour this movies and look through the eyes of Deborah Dutch's beautiful heart and see the victory of Hollywood Warrioress dedicated to every watcher.

Albert Cass of J7 Entertainment.


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