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Rabbids Go Home Hd Full Movie Download

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Rabbids Go Home Hd Full Movie Download

Two rabbids lives in the garbage section but they need to get garbage from the city. These rabbids needs trash to the moon. The rabbids goes on an hilarious adventure with people and entertainment while they try to get trash to their home planet. A gang of rabbids must take a lot of stuff in a huge city in order to make a huge pile that reaches the moon. In Rabbids Go Home you control a shopping cart and guide it through levels collecting junk along the way so that you can build a pile of trash in hopes of reaching the moon.

The controls work really well and the whole thing becomes effortless to play due to great game design. This is not a hard game, but the difficulty does ramp up a bit in the home stretch.

Rabbids Go Home has a decent amount of variety from level to level so it never becomes too repetitive. The whole thing can be beaten in under five hours. I prefer games that don't drag on forever, but for those who prefer when developers artificially add length via padding, you won't find that here: This one is pretty short.

There is a multiplayer component, but it's bare bones and completely throwaway. There aren't any additional single player modes, either. The main story levels are all we get.


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