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The Danger Makers Song Free Download

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The Danger Makers Song Free Download

The avengers are called in when a 60-year old general is killed in a 'chicken run' motor-cycle accident and another officer, having fallen whilst trying to scale St Paul's cathedral, is murdered in hospital whilst under the care of Dr Long. They discover that they were part of a group of disgruntled military men, members of a secret society of the Black Rose, giving themselves code-names based on Greek gods. Bored with peace-time they engage in dangerous and illegal activities and Steed and Emma must identify their leader before they carry out their next caper, the theft of the Crown Jewels. Someone is organizing a group of danger craving psychopaths. Steed and Mrs. Peel must stop them before their next caper - stealing the crown jewels. I don't mean Mrs Peel's clothes - influenced by Bridget Riley and Piet Mondrian. (I wondered if her rubber onesie would save her from the dastardly entrance test.) I mean her conversation with the major - trying to get him to reveal himself, she riffs about how soft we have become with all this ludicrous safety regulation. "Safety matches!" She sounds like a 2015 libertarian moaning about speed cameras and the nanny state. Her conversation with Peel about people who seek Nirvana as if it was a drug is more dated. Later, it's suggested that the Danger Seekers use peril as a drug. All very late 60s! Establishment figures who had never used any drug stronger than aspirin, cigars or whisky were wondering if they were missing out. Meanwhile hippies deliberately sought bliss. Then most of us blinked and got on with the 70s (recession, work, brown corduroy). "The Danger Makers" is a classic episode, depicting an organization of military veterans who couldn't get used to dull lives as civilians, craving danger as a fix instead of drugs. The mastermind behind the secret group is nicknamed 'Apollo,' whose ultimate goal is to conduct the crime of the century, stealing the crown jewels from the Tower of London! (already attempted by George Zucco's Professor Moriarty in 1939's "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"). Speaking of Holmes, this would be the lone entry for then current Sherlock Douglas Wilmer, who would immediately follow up with the role of Sir Nayland Smith opposite Sir Christopher Lee in "The Brides of Fu Manchu" and "The Vengeance of Fu Manchu." One of Patrick Macnee's finest moments has a limping Nigel Davenport understandably shaking while trying to dispatch an unperturbed Steed (he would try again in "Split!"), while Adrian Ropes, unceremoniously gunned down with Steed close by, would return for both "From Venus with Love" and "Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?" The climax is indeed the stuff of legend, as the luscious leather-clad Emma Peel walks the plank, one of the defining moments for delectable Diana Rigg (earlier at one point, Macnee does a hilarious double take upon viewing Emma's latest costume, advising her to show the phrenologist her 'bumps!'). Steed really does care for Emma, and it shows in the stars' wonderful chemistry.


The Rebirth... Kind Of
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