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Download Lucky Stars Go Places

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Download Lucky Stars Go Places

Kidstuff has been asked by the police to investigate a case of international ammunition trade between two gangs. One of the gangs is the Japanese Yakuza in possession of stolen diamonds, and the other is a group of terrorists with a stockpile of ammunition. This is the kind of movie which is very common to see in 80's made-in-Hongkong films. No in-depth discussion, everything is plain and clear to understand. Actors/actresses always try to do something unfunny to make us laugh. And yes, they all master Kung-fu and kick bad guys' ass.

To me, the most impressive part of this movie, is this gorgeous babe "Yum Yum"(a character by Maria Tung Ling). I even think they produced this movie just to show us her cute face and big behind.

After all, it is not quite worth your time. But if you are on summer holiday and can't find too much things to do. It's still not bad to take a look at how these dudes poke Yum Yum's boobs. An action-comedy combining elements from Sammo Hung's "Lucky Stars" movie series and Karl Maka's "Aces Go Places" series would have been incredible and potentially great. However, this movie did not meet that expectation, as it had no solid plot - just a bunch of silly, tasteless and goofy nonsensical humor one after the other, making the movie dull, repetitive and non-suspenseful.

The original "Lucky Stars" characters weren't in the movie much to begin with, and the rest of the actors weren't as memorable or remarkable as in the first three films. Jackie Chan and Biao Yuen were sorely missing from the movie, and Karl Maka and Sylvia Chang from the Aces Go Places movies weren't utilized enough.

The plot about Kidstuff (Sammo Hung) being asked by the police to investigate an international ammunition trade between two gangs appears to be rehashed from previous films and the subplot of the rookie cops trying to woo a female cop in a house they're sharing is the same ol' joke.

There some actions scenes here and there, but the bad acting and tasteless humor made this the worst movie of the "Lucky Stars" series.

Grade D---


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