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Record Of The Lodoss War 720p

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Record Of The Lodoss War 720p

A group of medieval adventurers must participate in a war against dark forces in the land of Lodoss. In the severed land of Lodoss, a Party of adventurers lead by Parn, the son of a great soldier beleived a traitor by the inhabitants of his village set out to discover the cause for the unrest in their lands. Comprising of Parn, the would-be knight; Deedlit, the elven spellsword; Atoh, the cleric of Marpha; Ghim, a dwarf with a mission of mercy; Slayn, a great but humble mage and Woodchuck, a cowardly theif, the party soon realise that there is more at stake than their own lives. The island of Marmo, severed from the main continent during a war of gods, is the home of many evil and dangerous races and now they seem to be putting aside their own petty differences and massing as a major force under the guidance of Emperor Beld and his lieutenant Lord Ashram. Fighting Goblins, Gnolls, Dragons and all manner of vicious foes, the companions must learn to put aside their personal and racial differences and work as a team as they realise the fate set to befall their beloved land at the hands of Beld and an mysterious foe, known simply as the "Scarlet Witch". "Record of Lodoss War" is one of the most underrated anime series ever made.

It has all the good qualities that any animated series could have, such as a incredible story, great characters, beautiful designs, an excellent animation and a magnificent music.

It has all the epic feeling from the books of Tolkien, but at the same time, has the great fun that video-games such as "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest" have. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying animated series that I've ever watched.

"Record of Lodoss War" is a magnificent animation that deserves way more recognition. I'm not very much into anime (At least, not into modern anime) but "Record of Lodoss War" always will have a special place in my memory as one of the greatest fantasy stories ever made.

10/10 (And I would give it eleven stars if I could) arts in its best form like a beautiful well put together fairy tale it has all the elements of it princess,elves,knights,wizards like old skool boys during my age dungeons & dragons fans will love this and to my knowledge further episodes will be made


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