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Beccerra Hd Full Movie Download

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Beccerra Hd Full Movie Download

A young couple is concerned about the future of their relationship as they anticipate their time apart. With the discovery of a relic that is capable of stopping time, they decide to test their destiny. Unaware of the events to come, they quickly discovered that dabbling with the element of time may have dire consequences. I loved Becarra so much I had to go see it twice. The movie moved along easily while the expertly written script holds the audiences attention through out to the very end leaving you wanting more...more...more. The actors were fantastic, the cinematography superb and the direction excellent. Definately the next must see cult classic for the new millineum. An easy rival for Run Lola Run! I liked this short film. I think this movie was an entertaining ride. The movie seemed to have a good pace, it never hit a dull moment. The time travel or altered reality subject was handled very uniquely. Overall, I think the film was interesting, and painted a good picture. The visuals and score were strong, and helped this film flow. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a chance to see it.


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