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Dharmatma Tamil Pdf Download

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Dharmatma Tamil Pdf Download

Wealthy, powerful and influential Seth Dharamdas leads a financially secure life in a palatial mansion. He is known to come to the aid of all people who are beyond any hope of assistance, and this leads to him being known as "Dharmatma". But Seth Dharamdas does have a number of skeletons in his closet, and a parallel life as a gangster. The only person Dharamdas hates and fears is none other than his very own son, Ranbir, who has sworn that he will never compromise with his father's dark career, and threatens to expose him. Dharamdas has never conceded surrender or defeat at the hands of any mortal, and will never even consider to do so - even if this means the death of Ranbir. Songs include "Tere cheherey mein woh jadoo hai..."; "Tum ne kisise kabhi pyar kiya hai, pyar bhara dil kisiko diya hai...". RGV's Sarkar begins with the director admitting to being deeply influenced by The Godfather like countless directors all over the world. Feroz Khan's Dharmatma marks the beginning of this obsession with Indian film-makers. Given the exalted status of The Godfather with nearly every cinema buff and the fact that adaptations in the Indian milieu have resulted in films like Nayakan and Parinda, I thought Dharmatma was worth a watch. Having watched it, I've to say that despite the patchy feel of the film, there are items of interest here and noteworthy too.

Foremost among them is the portion of the film that plays out in Afghanistan (a first for Indian cinema). Hema Malini (as an Afghan clanswoman named Reshma !), Danny Denzongpa and Feroz Khan spice up this sequence that is remarkably well shot by any standards (Buzkashi) and lingers long after the viewing. Premnath in the title role is the other interesting aspect of the film. I'd seen him in Bobby but little else. His portrayal here is just as interesting in its angst and justification for the means he adopts as is the employment of matka (an Indian form of gambling). That it isn't expanded upon is more to do with the way the script handles the character.

Apart from these, the viewing also made me think about the meaning of the word adaptation in the cinematic idiom. When one is besotted with an original, how does one strike a balance between faithful recreation and assuming creative license ? Even more valid is the question - how does one identify the aspects of the original that may not be acceptable to the target audience of the adaptation ? For Feroz Khan in this film shares very little with Michael Corleone and undergoes a transformation so minimal in that his fundamentals are hardly shaken by the turn of events. In an act of complete dilution, he is also spared the moral dilemma of having to plan the demise of his brother-in-law too. Feroz Khan may not be known much as an actor but as a director he did give us some good films, Apradh(1972) being his directorial debut, Dharmatma(1975) is a remake of Godfather(1972) with many changes. It starts with Premnath as Dharmatma who is a matka king based on matka (form of Indian gambling) king Ratan Khatri. It is said that Khan sat down with Khatri to learn more about him and understand the nuances of matka Dharmatma like most of FK films had lot of style, this was the first film shot in Afghanistan. Feroz Khan plays the son who hates his father's illegal business activities(unlike Sarkar which released in 2005 there is only one son). The first half focuses on his romance with Hema Malini set in Afghanistan, some forced sequences and a Bukashi game. It has Danny who lost his role for SHOLAY due to his short role in this. The film is well handled by FK Music by Kalyanji Anandji is fab, Tere Chehre Mein sung by Kishore is awesome, Kya khoob Lagti ho is also fab Like in most Fk films music has always been an highlight

Feroz Khan is good with his inimitable style and does a decent job Hema Malini looks her best ever and is decent in a small role Rekha looks simple and is okay Iftekar is good in a small role, Premnath in the main role is good Danny is good in his small role, Ranjeet and Sudhir play Pot smoking brothers, both wearing same outfits and are good, Jeevan as the villain is as usual, Satyen Kapoo with a weird voice is good too Imtiaz Khan is good as the villain, Farida Jalal is as always,fab


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