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Survivor Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Survivor Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

A Foreign Service Officer in London tries to prevent a terrorist attack set to hit New York City, but is forced to go on the run when she is framed for crimes she did not commit. A State Department employee newly posted to the American embassy in London is charged with stopping terrorists from getting into the U.S. That puts her right in the line of fire and she is targeted for death and framed for crimes. Discredited, she is forced to go on the run while she tries to clear her name and stop a large-scale terrorist attack set for New Year's Eve in Times Square. Good actors with an absolutely moronic script.. !!!!!! After the first 30 minutes you want to pull your hair out. Professional people who can't seem to put an coherent sentence together to explain what they are doing.or why. People who are in high places who want to risk it all to kill someone who actually no longer can hurt them ?? The entire plot starts to feel like a three stooges adventure on steroids.. Everyone becomes either incoherent, non functional, or just an out right idiot. Love Milla's acting and I usually think highly of Pierce Bronson's work but he seems as if he's uninterested and on Valium throughout this film.. I've seen worse films but when you expect at least an effective thriller and all you get is an insult to your intelligence, well it can anger you. The movie is a waste. It is like a 60's political propaganda with a super-agent and all the others incompetents. Who can really believe in such plots? Even the actions were fake. Milla Jovovich had great roles but maybe she ran short on money so accepted anything. The other actors tried their best but with a cheap boring story but was nothing to be done. The funniest parts were the poor dialogs and in-slow motion fights. The best actor in the movie was Pierce Brosnan. This guy always makes great roles even in cheap movies. I would not recommend this movie unless if you are really, really bored. The producer should put aside the politics and make real movies. Politics should stay on the news not in artistic propaganda. This is the kind of filmmaking that gets touted as "workmanlike" when it's really straight-laced to the point of tepidness.


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