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Hell Mountain Online Free

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Hell Mountain Online Free

In an apocalyptical future, the world is completely destroyed and ruled by the tyrannical Stryker. He controls the unique source of food and uses young women as slaves to explore the mines in the Hell Mountain. When he abducts Shira, her lover Kal meets with the last professor on earth, Garrett, who helps him to rescue Shira. This is no doubt an excellent movie, but if those who watched the film would know it was to fast paced and never showed the story of what was happening in the mine. I found the "sequel" and is not part of the Chained Heat Series but the sequel is Bound Heat Chained Rage. Without it you do not get the whole story.

The other thing Bound Heat Caged Rage is about the thriving for power. Whie only one wanted freedom. You need Bound Heat Chained Rage. Then you will have a better appreciation of this film. And, you will see it is not part of the Chained Heat Series.

The reason why I believe it got linked was to appeal to the US Audience since it deals with White Slavery and not at all with prison in this post apocalyptic world. And, White Slavery is a very sensitive subject which most movies try avoiding.

I highly suggest you watch Bound Heat Chained Rage and you will fully understand this movie. Since it is fast paced and the studio at least kept the movie fast paced and was easy to watch and understand without Bound Heat Chained Rage getting in the way.

But, both endings are extremely different and the only difference is they kept Bound Heat Chained Rage have small sequences from Hell Mountain and kept both movies fast paced. With little interruption. This is one of the best sequence of films I have seen.

But, Chained Heat 3 Hell Mountain by no means after seeing Bound Heat Chained Rage a Chained Heat Series. Hi there! I'll be your waiter today. Want to stare at girls in the flimsiest of prison costumes with while doing hot, sweaty manual labour?! Then step this way, sir! We also have lesbian threesomes, bare backed whipping and even a bit of S and M for your viewing pleasure too. All contained in this lovely, sticky eastern European pudding, which is so cheap so even the riff-raff can afford it! Unfortunately, in order to cut back on expenses, we've had to forgo certain other non-essential ingredients. This includes, but by means is limited to: a screenplay, decent actors, a convincing set and non-repetitive music. Well, that's what you pay your money for, sir.

To make it an even more tantalising dish, we've also linked it to the infamous Chained Heat series, you know... the ultimate in ladies behind bars films. Even though it has absolutely no tie in with those flicks, it was a last minute decision made by our marketing people to rake in extra cash from all those gullible horndogs out there. Crafty, eh? You might say we're tried to mislead you, but as long as you get your quota of nudity and we get your dollars, who gives a monkeys?! That's right sir... that'll be $9.99 then, including the copy of Mary Poppins you also ordered. Something for now, and something for later on when the kids are in bed eh! NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK... Suits you sir!! (Fast Show references to fade out...) 0/10


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