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Download Lure Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed In Mp4

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Download Lure Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed In Mp4

A community is under siege as three Belmont Highschool coed students go missing with no trace of their whereabouts. The pressure is on the police to capture the culprits responsible. Scouring the school hallways in search of clues, undercover female detective Maggie Rawdon (Jessica Sonnerborn) enters Belmont High as a transfer student in an attempt to solve the hideous disappearance of the students. Maggie makes a few new friends, and gets invited to a private rave in the country. Just as the group begins to suspect that they've taken a wrong turn, however, the trap is sprung and Maggie finds out firsthand what fate has befallen the missing girls. An undercover female cop enters Belmont High as a transfer student, after several girls in the area go missing. While trying to assimilate in the school, she and her new friends are lured into a place where they must fight for their lives. Feministic policewoman Maggie goes undercover at a high-school to investigate the rash of kidnapped cheerleaders. A group of snotty 'teens' (in their thirties) 'befriend' her as they need a car to the rave. On the way, well if the made it, that wouldn't be much of a movie would it?

This film is pretty dreadful, bad acting, an insanely stupid plot and just a crappy way to spend an hour and a half. I feel dumber just having witnessed it. The most that I could feasibly hope to accomplish with this review is to save someone from suffering the Sam fate as me. If I could do that for just one person, perhaps this wasn't all in vain.

Eye Candy: Sita Young gets topless A Lure: Teen Fight Club has a lot going for it. This little thriller is far from perfect but it's fast, energetic and very watchable. Scan the credits and you get the sense that some of the cast and crew are new to the game, but while they misfire on some things, they get a lot right. For starters, the storyline is B movie gold: high school girls are disappearing and a female detective is sent undercover to investigate.

Jessica Sonneborn stars as the undercover detective. She is leggy and lithesome and has an expressive, interesting face. But there's more to Ms. Sonneborn than good looks – she wrote the screenplay and co-produced the film. She may need a bit more seasoning as an actress but overall, she handles her action chick duties with style and also does nicely with her quieter scenes. She is definitely one to watch!

As the undercover detective will eventually discover, the missing girls are being forced to fight to the death in an underground fight club. But before we get to the death ring, the first half of A Lure introduces us to the popular girls clique at the high school. To me, the film gets bogged down a bit here, with a few unnecessary scenes and some characters who are a bit too broadly drawn. For example, the rich girl who rules over the clique (sexy Augie Duke) and her blonde sidekick come across as "types" more than flesh and blood characters. But the first half has its moments, as the detective strikes up a believable friendship with the clique's quiet member (played with style by Paulie Rojas). And in a clever twist, the film introduces the character who will ultimately be revealed as the fight club's evil mastermind. All is not as it seems in this little town.

Things pick up nicely once the girls go in search of a rave party, only to get "lured" into a trap. Once they're captured, the game is on. But if you're hoping for nonstop chick fights, no such luck. Despite the knockout premise, A Lure doesn't spend too much time in the ring, although the first fight is exciting and nicely played. But what the film may lack in fight action, it makes up for in atmosphere. The second half strikes a nice balance of creating a sense of dark foreboding without resorting to sadism or gore like in Hostel or Turistas. Director Bill McAdams Jr., in what may be his first feature, effectively moves the action along and like the story, he hits his stride in the second half. Intercutting between the young women's plight and a male detective trying to find them, he skillfully pulls together the story threads and delivers an exciting finish.

Like many thrillers, the final scene leaves the door open for a sequel. If there will be a sequel, as long as they smooth out some rough edges and up the ante on the fighting, the team behind A Lure might just serve up a classic. Until then, watch A Lure for what it is and enjoy the ride.


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