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Gopi Kishan Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

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Gopi Kishan Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Barkha (Karishma Kapoor) is the only daughter of the City's Police Commissioner (Satyen Kappu) and is spoiled, to say the least. One day her pranks get her in trouble with the law, and she is arrested and held in custody by Inspector Gopinath (Sunil Shetty). Enraged by the arrogance of Gopinath in arresting his daughter, her dad storms in to the Police Station and get's his daughter released. Barkha admires Gopinath's guts and his sense of duty and falls in love with him. Eventually Gopinath also falls in love with her. Unknown to Gopinath, he has a twin brother, Kishan (also Sunil Shetty), who is married to Chanda (Shilpa Shirodkar), and has a son, Tinku (Master Imran). Kishan and Chanda are naive, but honest. Kishan is often mistaken for Gopinath and very often impersonates him. Gopinath's duties take him to question Choudhury (Suresh Oberoi), who he knows is his biological father. His mom, Geeta (Aruna Irani) also knows of this, but prefer to keep this secret to themselves. Choudhury and his henchmen, including Sawant (Mohan Joshi), are irritated by Gopinath's interference in their criminal activities, and abduct Tinku, thinking that they have kidnapped Gopinath's son. Will Kishan be able to secure the release of his son? Will Gopinath's duty come before him, when he negotiates the release of Tinku? Employed by the Indian police force for a number of years Havaldar Gopinath remains a merger due to his slacker ways of discharging his duties. His family life consists of his vendor wife, Chanda, a school-going son, Tinku and his mother. Out of the blue he finds himself praise for arresting criminals one day; this leaves him to ponder over this progress; one by one all his assignments gets completed successfully. Unknown to him that he has a look-alike, Kishen who is responsible for the progress entail over his life. This reality comes to light when Tinku is abducted by a notorious gangster, Sawant - whereby Kishen is forced to aid Gopi once again this time for the last time by assisting him in rescuing Tinku. GOPI KISHAN released in 1994 when suddenly Suneil had got 4 hits like DILWALE, MOHRA and ANTH

This is one of his solo hits

The film is age-old formula

Action + comedy

But thanks to several portions which are damn funny it becomes a nice fun even the revenge bit is well handled Climax is nice

Direction is good Music is good, especially HAI HUKU

Suneil brings a nice diversity in both roles, though his voice modulation is bad at times, he acts well in both roles one of his funniest performances He is good as Kishan too

Shilpa Shirodkar and Karisma fill the bill though Shilpa is annoying at places

Suresh Oberoi is good Aruna Irani, Mohan Joshi are typecast Action Comedies were not so popular in the 90s as mostly, typical action films used to rule the 90s. Some of these typical films were good while several were horrible. Sunil Shetty who debuted with the hit Balwaan(1992) underperformed with flop Pehchaan(1992). However, 1993 wasn't entirely bad as Waqt Hamara Hai(1993) was a hit and Anth(1993) was a superhit. 1994 was great with films like Dilwale(1994) and Gopi Kishan becoming hits. Whereas, Mohra(1994) was a big hit. Although, Hum Hain Bemisaal(1994) was a flop.

Gopi Kishan released in mid 1994 and it became a hit at the box office. The film is the same old formula of twin brothers separated at birth because the villains wreak havoc in their father's life. One brother grows up to be a cop while the other becomes a ordinary man who has just been released from prison. There are several well handled scenes like both the Sunil's confronting each other, the clumsy Sunil getting beaten up by some bad guy, the strong Sunil beating up the same bad guy and the cops thinking that Gopi has become strong because of Bajrang Bali(God). Several other scenes like this are hilarious and this saves a typical action film from being completely typical. The climax is good and for once, it isn't prolonged. However, the emotional scenes are boring and this slackens the pace of the film.

Direction by Mukesh Duggal is good, he gets a hit after producing the flop Platform(1993). The film is well handled mostly but there are the typical 90s clichés like politicians easily escaping jail(when it isn't possible).

Sunil Shetty is awesome as Gopi, he makes you laugh at several places though he does overact slightly. As Kishan, Sunil is good and it's good to see him fight normally. In films like Anth, he would shout will running towards and kicking the enemies(this was very irritating). Karishma Kapoor is good while Shilpa Shirodkar is decent. Suresh Oberoi is good as the troubled father. Mohan Joshi is typecast and repeats his typical villain act. Side villains like Arun Bakshi are typecast as the typical politician. The rest provide decent support.

Action is good, Music is decent. However, only Hai Huku and Kisi Ko Dil are hits and the better of the lot. The raunchy songs are lame.

On the whole, Gopi Kishan(1994) is one of the superbly handled action comedies from the 90s. These kinds of films made audiences and critics appreciate Sunil Shetty.


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