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Tough To Kill Full Movie Hd 1080p

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Tough To Kill Full Movie Hd 1080p

A ruthless hit man, joins a group of mercenaries deep in a South American jungle. His plan is to kidnap and collect the million dollar bounty on one of the other hired soldiers during one of their guerilla missions. Unfortunately for him, other members of his squad have the same idea in mind, leading to a series of bloody confrontations in the wilderness. Tough soldier of fortune Martin (Luc Merenda) joins a group of fellow mercenaries on a dangerous mission to destroy a dam. Secretly, Martin is after the $1million reward on the head of one of his comrades, but finds himself teaming up with several other members of the squad who are also after the bounty. Of course, these being mercs, no-one can be trusted…

Directed by Joe D'amato, a man best known for his extreme exploitation output (gory horror, hardcore porn, or a mixture of both), Tough To Kill is a surprisingly tame war adventure, light on the action, with zero splatter (even the decapitation of a corpse occurs out of sight) and absolutely no nudity. In fact, much of the film consists of mundane conversation between the bickering mercenaries when they really should be blowing stuff up and riddling the enemy with gunfire (I'm guessing that D'amato's limited funds couldn't stretch to the use of much ammo or pyrotechnics). About the most distasteful thing on offer in the whole film is a scene in which a black civilian is forced to submerge himself in a barrel of human sewage (he gets the last laugh, though).

4/10. D'amato fans will want more sleaze, and war fans will want more battle action. With a threadbare jungle mercenary script, a touch of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", zero nudity, and zero blood, this is a tough watch. Character development is nil, and the film is mostly aimless walking around in the jungle, by men who we care nothing about. The highlights would include a game of chicken with grenades, and a surprise ending. The lowlights would include a bloodless decapitation, gratuitous explosions, a stock footage cheetah, and a plot that hinges on someone having a million dollar price on their head, who we know nothing about. "Tough to Kill" is tough to watch, for obvious reasons. Not recommended, even for admirers of low budget exploitation. - MERK


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