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Stark Raving Mad Sub Download

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Stark Raving Mad Sub Download

A crook quietly plots his revenge against the boss who murdered his brother while working for him. Ben McGewan has a deal with Chinatown's non-Chinese gang boss, Gregory, to steal one of four mythical god statues reputed to give immense power. This theft, in exchange for wiping out his debt and a fortune to pay his team of frustrated experts. They organize a wild after hours party in a nightclub as cover to break into the vault of the bank next door. Alas, from the start things go wrong ever worse, for everyone. Before i start off i thought that this movie was very well done i will never understand how this movie didn't make it to theatres

This Movie was about a Con man Ben(Sean William Scott) He has put together a crew of specialists Rikki (Timm Sharp) Ben's good friend, Betty (Suzy Nakamura) a level headed computer Cracker, Jake (Jon Crye) A rough around the edges Demolitions expert, and Jeffrey (Patric Breen) An superstitious safe cracker that suffers from Seizures. Ben is given this Job By Gregory (Lou Diamond Phillips) a crime boss that Has Ben under his Thumb. The Catch with this movie is they have to break into a bank that is located to a popular after hours Dance Club to steal a Chineese Statue that is of great importance To Gregory. Ben plans to cover up his Heist with a Wild Rave Headed by a Less than Stellar DJ (Jody Rasicot). But the Heist is sniffed out By the local Chinese Triad tough guy Jin Sun (Terry Chen) and Ben is Held over a Barrel

As contrived and Mindless as this plot sounds this Movie is actually very well written and the Atmosphere plays a vital part in the story. Usually a movie like this is very Gimmicky it uses the party and Gross out Jokes to make up for Bad writing and direction, this movie dose't succumb to such cheap tricks. Also Sean William Scott Makes a Departure from his Stifler Character he usually Plays; Ben is quite the contrast to Stifler. Ben is a guy that has a lot on his mind not everything works out the way it should unlike Stifler who solves his problems with a smile. While Stifler has a very Devil May Care Attitude Ben is a very serious guy. Another Great part of this movie is the supporting cast Ben's Crew especially the computer expert Betty are very well acted.

Also this movie has very great Villains Gregory (Played By Phillips) is a very great villain i personally think that Phillips is a very underrated actor. Also Jin Sun is great at moving the story along and putting more pressure on the already busy Ben. Unlike other "Party" movies that are more carefree You can feel the pressure that Ben is under. Also many problems arise in the form of a Club Going FBI agent (Played by Dave Foley), A Chinese Food delivery boy, and transvestite dancers that are in danger of short circuiting the whole party.

A Strong part of this Movie is that it is also it's tight directing Daywalt And Schneider do a very good job of keeping up the pace of the movie.

All in all i was very entertained by this movie and I hope to see Sean William Scott in more roles like this Hm, I guess people were still making Tarantino-imitation capers in 2002. Like most, this borrows some ideas & a general flippancy of attitude from early QT but is more pretend- clever than actually clever; the dialog is snippy rather than snappy and the hipness feels strained. And like most of them, the attention to superficial visual style and editorial energy keeps it watchable in a no-brainer way.

I love Seann William Scott and was psyched to see what he'd do in a starring role in a non- comedy. But basically he's just playing generic black-muscle-shirt-clad, bicep-bulging, smirking Cooler Than Thou action movie protagonist—he looks and acts here like a younger Jason Statham, which is fine as far as it goes but not a terribly interesting use of his abilities. You know something's wrong when they give him a bit nodding to "Dude, Where's My Car's?" Chinese takeout scene and it's so lame he can't even make THAT funny.

The concept is: SWS stages loud nightclub event is staged to cover his cohorts' pulling a next- door bank heist. Naturally, everything goes wrong until miraculously everything goes right.

The rave setting helps keep the images colorful, though as rave portraits go it's the usual Hollywood thing, about as realistic as "Thank God It's Friday" was about disco culture. (Actually maybe it really IS a Hollywood thing—as in, if the rave is literally taking place in a Hollywood club, people might actually look, dress and act like this.) In lieu of repartee the characters mostly just bitch at each other in routinely scatological terms; what are supposed to be a rogue's gallery of flamboyant roles aren't memorable in either writing or performance. There's no real suspense or flair for action (admittedly the "action" is very small-scale), and you've got to suspend a whole lotta disbelief throughout. But as I said, there's enough eye candy and fast enough pacing to hold your attention, if not your imagination.

Anyway, so this is a wannabe mix of Tarantino and "Go" that's technically well-crafted but in content is stuff you've seen before many times, both better and a lot worse. I don't remember this playing theaters and the directors do not appear to have made a 2nd feature, so I guess nobody else was highly impressed either.


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