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Action Of The Tiger Torrent

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Action Of The Tiger Torrent

Carson is an American contraband runner approached by Tracy, a French woman who wants him to help rescue her brother from Albania where he is being held as a political prisoner. Action of the Tiger is a very ordinary anti-Communist film that benefits from a location shoot in Greece (filling in for nearby Albania). The woefully miscast Van Johnson plays Carson, an amoral American smuggler who agrees to help blonde bombshell Martine Carol rescue her brother from the bondage of Enver Hoxha and company. Herbert Lom and Sean Connery provide assistance for Johnson, whose part really should have gone to someone with a little more gravitas, perhaps Sterling Hayden or Richard Widmark. Instead, our lead tries to prove his masculinity by wearing sweaters that are much too tight, a less than pretty sight. Desmond Dickinson's cinematography is uniformly good, especially in exterior setups, but the script is undercooked and ultimately unbelievable, as our heroes end up rescuing a motley assortment of Greek children and outwitting those dumb commies. Action of the Tiger is also of minor interest for Connery fans, as the Scots actor would reunite with director Terence Young for a little film called Dr. No five years later. Director: TERENCE YOUNG. Screenplay: Robert Carson. Based on the 1955 novel by James Wellard. Photographed in Technicolor and CinemaScope by Desmond Dickinson. Film editor: Frank Clarke. Art director: Scott MacGregor. Music: Humphrey Searle. Sound recording: Sash Fisher. Producer: Kenneth Harper.

Copyright 1957 by Loew's Inc. A Claridge Film Production, released through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. New York opening at Loew's neighborhood cinemas as the lower half of a double bill with "Jailhouse Rock": 19 November 1957. U.S. release: August 1957. U.K. release: 22 September 1957. Australian release: 21 November 1957. Running times: 97 minutes (Australia), 93 minutes (U.K.), 91 minutes (U.S.A.).

SYNOPSIS: Hero enlists Albanian bandits to help rescue the heroine's dad from a Communist jail.

COMMENT: This is a review of the original 97 minutes version: Very attractive location photography distinguishes this somewhat slackly acted and none too briskly directed adventure yarn. In fact, the movie rates as somewhat disappointing, considering the talents involved. Both the screenplay and the movie itself probably really needed even sharper editing than that given the 91-minute American version. This said, however, the editing needs to be carried out with considerable care. Simply deleting whole scenes – as happened in this case – is generally NOT the way to go! Not only do you risk confusing audiences by deleting important information, but you often end up throwing away some poor actor's whole role. And if the poor actor's name is Sean Connery, for example, you're in real trouble! Mind you, I've not seen the U.S.A. version and I don't know for sure if Sean is still in the movie or not, but it's a risk that – if I was the producer – I'd be most unwilling to take!


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