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Download Mortal Kombat Trilogy

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Download Mortal Kombat Trilogy

A Mortal Kombat game that has 26 characters and 4 hidden characters make this a killer game. I like this version of Mortal Kombat the least because they did the minimum amount of work to bring back the old characters\scenes that they put into the game. Instead of creating new graphics they took old graphics and tried to make them fit into the MK3 style which did not work so well also instead of filming new footage so that the characters can do the new combo moves they took the old footage and mixed it up so it seems like they are doing combos. Then a lot of the new characters where left unfinished making this in general feel like an unfinished game.

The series wen't downhill after Mortal Kombat II for the arcade and there had been nil a good home version made, most of the home versions just made the game look bad, especially this one this cheapened it. Mortal Kombat II (ARCADE) will always hold the crown as the best 2D Mortal Kombat. Because instead of improving on the formula they took it (MK3-4) in a direction that was not good for it m aking it progressively more cartoony, cheesy, wwf like, unfinished, not as dark. But they now seem to be fixing that with the newest versions and improve the gameplay to boot. NOW it's going in the right direction (since MKD). "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" is the last great MK-game, before the series became crap. MKT takes all the characters and backgrounds from Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, all in one package which uses the graphical engine of Mortal Kombat 3, to improve the visuals somewhat. Nowadays this game looks quite old-fashioned, but it`s a game with great nostalgic value, and a game for fans who haven`t got the three first games. If you`ve got neither of the MK-games, then MKT is by far the best option.



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