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Pancho Villa Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd

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Pancho Villa Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd

A double-cross in an arms deal prompts Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa to raid a US Army weapons depot in Columbus, New Mexico. Having lost his influence and on the way to be executed in Mexico City, the once mighty Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa, is saved at the last minute by his remaining men and his dedicated right hand, Scotty. In desperate need of arms and riffles, the rebellious Villa will fall victim to a bad arms deal which will inevitably set in motion a fierce retaliation and a daring raid on a U.S. Army military base led by Colonel Wilcox at Columbus in New Mexico. Can Villa's insurgent army invade the U.S.A.? Somebody must have had the idea to make this actual historical event (1916 Raid on Columbus, NM, USA) into a farce of a film for the audience's pleasure.

It portrays both the American Army and Pancho Villa as bumbling, inept fools. I don't know what Telly Savalas (a huge star at the time) was thinking participating in this film.

With a comical, farcical sound track and ridiculous sound effects it is like watching a combination of MASH 4077, Three Stooges and horrible Chop-Sokey martial arts films of the day.

It's so bizarre, it's worth watching it to say that you did. Telly Savalas stars as the Mexican rebel Villa, `the only man to invade the USA!' Although the story had been told historically before (i.e. `Villa Rides' with Yul Brynner) this version is played more for laughs. This was made at the height of Savalas' popularity in the year that Kojak became a household name.

Here, Villa `borrows' $30,000 to buy guns for his rebel cause. He sends his partner Scotty into America to do the trade, but while there he is double-crossed. He escapes back to Mexico where Villa prepares to take revenge on the men who cheated him. He crosses the border and captures the American town of Columbus.

This western pits a mainly Spanish cast against Savalas, Clint Walker, Anne Francis and Chuck Connors. They give good performances although Savalas has a tendency to go over the top at times; so does the film, with dumb scenes such as when a whole room of soldiers cannot (at the command of Connors as Col. Wilcox) swat a fly. But this scene is justified however, as Wilcox explains `By killing that fly, I am saving your lives'. Well, ahem, quite. Yes, the script is that bad. But keep watching for the `exciting' climax . When the film is boring, it's awful, but some scenes are excellent, helped no end by Savalas' performance.


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