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Northwest Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

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Northwest Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

18-year-old Caspar wants to reach the top, no matter what. He carries out small-time break-ins for Jamal, before moving on to work for big player Björn. All goes well, until Jamal's gang decide they want revenge. What starts with pushing and shoving soon escalates into armed conflict. This is a big test for Caspar: is he ruthless enough for this battle? And will he drag his younger brother into it? This must be my first Danish movie or at least the first one that I remember. And it was a good one. I would have scored it an eight if it was not for the end that I thought was a bit disappointing. Well at least that's my point of view. It can be totally different for someone else. The story is well written and very easy to follow, even when you have to read subtitles. It's entertaining to watch with excellent acting from Gustav Dyekjær Giese. He plays with his brother Oscar Dyekjær Giese that has a slightly lesser important role but they both did a good job. This crime/drama tells the story of lost youth in Copenhagen, that kill their time with burglary, smoking joints and than evolve to more hardcore crime jobs. It's all filmed very well with good actors and it's pleasant to follow. Good movie. Even in the welfare society, it is difficult for a single mother to raise 3 children, particularly if two are teens whose need for money and approval is high. And less decent neighborhood includes several lures difficult to resist... Such is the background where two brothers Casper and Andy - leading characters of the film - have to cope. Surroundings is ugly and hard, with lots of gangs and violence, and outside help is scarcely available (incl. police or special organisations) - apart from adult criminals (such as Bjørn or Jamal) eager to use the youngsters' unshaped personality. But sooner or later, you have to make choices, and in such a way living, it is usually between bad and worse... The ending scenes are logical, although the very end could have been less brusque; well, it was intentional, I guess, for viewers pondering on and over.

The cast is rather uneven, the real brothers Dyekjær Gieses depict Casper and Andy well and in a realistic manner, but all the others were uninviting to me. The plot seemed unsteady, floating as well, some scenes remained incomplete or provided no additional meaning to the film. Or I am just unable to see more values because I have been "spoiled" by distinguishable acting (e.g. Mikkelsens, Bodnia, Lie Kaas) and more sophisticated plots (e.g. Vinterberg, Vinding Refn) visible in Danish films.


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