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The Ardennes Fury

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The Ardennes Fury

As the Battle of the Bulge rages on, an American tank unit gets trapped behind Nazi lines. With just hours before the bombs of Operation Ardennes Fury fall, the tank's commander makes the risky decision to rescue an orphanage. As the Battle of the Bulge rages on, with the Nazis repelling the Allied invasion of Germany, an American tank unit gets trapped behind enemy lines. With only hours to go before the bombs of Operation Ardennes Fury fall, the tank's commander makes the incredibly risky decision to rescue an orphanage and the innocent nuns and children inside. I agree with all the other posts but I also would like to say the German uniforms were mismatched bad. The officer wore a 3rd Ss isignia but the arm band didn't say totenkomp is appeared to be Adolf Hitler! What the hell was the fake truck that couldn't out run a tank that had what looked like the front of a dodge weapons carrier w a fake axle and a humvie bed! And firing an unloaded German m-g 42 out the bank! And the airplanes come on! Or the officer shoots the lady in the back from 5 feet but then it shows them 300 feet apart!! Should I go one.... Plz quit making films u suck! How old is the private getting tortured 35? Why are they they so unable to take a direct order rather than debate it? Why do they all clump up in a mob rather than spread out so they don't all die at once? Why do they burry the kid way out in the open fearing being shot? The Ss were the most furocious fighting force way better than ours just not enough of them and you make them look like the draft is idiots! You suck This movie shouldn't be released as it doesn't have content. It doesn't have any sense either. The director tried to promote the humanity of American soldiers but he/she really failed to do so. I was searching for the "Fury" with Brad Pitt and ended up finding this movie. The combination of the layout of the movie, the message from the director, the scene, and the actors just makes this movie a weirdest one ever. I think, they tried to mislead people with the title which was similar to the one with Brad Pitt in it. To me, it is really a scam. Honestly, there is NO reasons for anyone to watch this movie. I hope that Amazon will take it off the movie list soon enough so that nobody has to waste his time with this one.


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