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The Vulcan, Son Of Giove Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

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The Vulcan, Son Of Giove Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

A superhero battles lizard men and other monsters that are terrorizing the countryside. Tired of the sexual escapades on earth by his daughter Venus, Jupiter, the god of Lightning, decides he shall marry her soon to one of the candidates: Maciste, a mortal working in Vulcano's cave, and Mars, the god of War. But Mars abducts Venus, allied with Pluto and Eris, and works out a plan involving a bamboo tower high enough for the soldiers of the Thracian King to attack Jupiter in the high Olympus. The gods' contend will be resolved in human fashion on Earth, where even gods are mortal. For folks who have no lives and avoid deep thinking, the sweaty Italian beefcake films of the late '50s/early '60s rank right up there with the Japanese "Godzilla" series and Mexican masked-wrestler epics as the ultimate in brainless entertainment. I'm not alone in this conclusion: Studies from Bulgaria in the 1970s provide the proof. They've got the data; let's not argue.

If you hanker for bad dubbing, rotten special effects, and ridiculous plot lines, this genre is your meat. Universally, they feature poorly staged action scenes - always a bad sign in action movies - and richly saturated color that jumps off the screen and toys sadistically with human eyeballs.

"Vulcan, Son of Jupiter" is a better-than-usual entry for one simple reason: There are a lot of half-naked women running around, too. Set in Bronze Age Greece, it details a war among the gods of Olympus over who's gonna snag the tail of Venus. Or Aphrodite - can't remember exactly; she's the Goddess of Love, anyway. There's fighting, infighting, scheming and a very brave midget. Chariots... yelling. Y'know.

It stars a guy named Rod Flash. Of course, that's his real name... And I'm Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. Doesn't matter. He's got a bod that could sell a whooole lotta Blueboy subscriptions. In fact, I wonder how these guys manage stay so oily. Was there a pec-lubrication specialist on the set?

One bright spot is a beguiling showgirl-style dance by the astoundingly sexy Bella Cortez. Could any other woman so mesmerize with the gemstone jiggling in her navel? Whatever happened to this beautiful Cuban actress? At the end of her dance, the god Mercury shows up and tugs playfully at a jewel on her scanty costume; the quick gesture leaves a strangely potent erotic jolt.

Interestingly, most of the over-the-hill bodybuilders in peplum were Americans who hung out at Gold's Gym in Santa Monica. Gordon Scott actually had a brief Hollywood career - as the first Technicolor Tarzan. Steve Reeves was... well... he was in a Ed Wood film in the mid-'50s. Gordon Mitchell, who's in "Vulcan" and was a kind of poor man's Charlton Heston, was the best actor of the lot, with a career mostly in Italy lasting until the early 2000s (He played the catamite-hungry gladiator in Fellini's "Satyricon"). "It's a battle between mortals and gods as the right to claim the Goddess of Love as their own brings the Roman gods of myth to life in this classic tale. Vulcan, the God of Fire, wishes to have the beautiful Venus as his bride and will battle strange creatures and fellow gods alike, in his quest to win her. Amazing feats of strength and fantastic fights abound in this tale of adventure and true love," according to the DVD sleeve's synopsis. "Vulcan, Son of Jupiter" is a dubbed in English, Italian-made feature. Bouncy, bountiful Bella Cortez and alluring Annie Gorassini are the fleshy film's G-rated headlights, er… highlights.

** Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (1961) Emimmo Salvi ~ Richard Lloyd, Bella Cortez, Annie Gorassini


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