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Download Dick Tracy's G-Men

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Download Dick Tracy's G-Men

A mad doctor named Zanoff uses a drug to bring himself back from the dead after his execution in prison. Dick Tracy sets out to capture Zanoff before he can put his criminal gang back together again. The master spy Nicolas Zarnoff is in the condemned cell waiting to be executed but he escapes using one of those 'mysterious drugs from the far east' to feign death. Dick Tracy, now in the FBI, who captured him before is now on the trail again. What follows is a good serial with the familiar but welcome elements; crashes, fights, explosions, mystery, detection and espionage. Zarnoff is working for "The Three Powers" who are not named but as the serial came out in 1939 audiences might have had a name or two in mind. Or not. Dick is dogged in pursuit of Zarnoff and his henchmen Robal and Sandoval over fifteen chapters. The end of Zarnoff is nicely ironic.

Dick Tracy is played again by Ralph Byrd and he fits the part like a glove again. Strong jawed and keen eyed, Byrd keeps his head amidst all the setbacks on the way to getting the villains. A good serial needs a good main villain and Irving Pichel is excellently silky smooth as he carries out his nefarious plans. Jennifer Jones is Tracy's assistant Gwen Andrews but unfortunately does nothing much apart from menial office work. Louis Caits plays Jerry the Human Fly but is only in one episode. A pity as he deserved more screen time. Familiar faces played various thugs and henchmen. Ray Johnson is 'Phony Gas Station Attendant' and does it well.

The first Dick Tracy serial is probably better but the two directors and five writers of this serial produced a rousing and interesting entertainment. Typical of the Hollywood approach to comic strip characters, particularly in serials, the studio acquires the rights to the name so they can advertise it outside the theater, but pays no further attention to the things that made the original successful Here, Dick Tracy is not a cop but a G-man. No Pat Patton, but a sidekick named Steve Lockwood. No Tess Truehart, but secretary named Gwen. Only Junior survives the transition the the screen, spending most of his time with another new character named Mike McGurk, played by Smiley Burnette for comic relief.

My guess is that Republic already had a script on the shelf called "King of the FBI" or some such, and just changed the name of the title character. You can see the same approach in the Captain America serial.

A great serial, but it's not Dick Tracy.


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