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Area 88: The Blue Skies Of Betrayal Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

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Area 88: The Blue Skies Of Betrayal Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

A pilot must try to survive with his humanity when he is shanghaied into a mercenary jet fighter force. A young pilot who is the fiance of the daughter of the owner of a airline is tricked into enlisting as a mercenary fighter pilot for a small nation's airforce by a malicious false friend. Now he battles to earn the money necessary to buy his freedom before he truly loses his humanity in the horror of war. Area 88 had blown the mind of every boy that saw it for the first time, during the 80's.It wasn't just the great design and amazingly realistic aerial battle scenes. It was a great story also.

Shin Kazama a promising young pilot of Yamato airlines, is just starting his career. He seems to have everything, his childhood friend and also a pilot Satoru Kanzaki and his fiancé Ryoko (daughter of Yamato Airlines president) are his closest people. He never realizes how jealous Kanzaki is of his good fortune until its too late. He will be tricked to sign a contract as a mercenary fighter pilot in an organisation that resembles Legion Etranger and fights in favour of the government forces in the Arabian Kingdom of Arslan. The unit's sector code is Area 88. There are only 2 ways to leave Area 88. Finish a 3 year old tour or buy your contract for 1,5 million dollars. Each comfirmed kill and successful mission means extra money, but every pilot has to care and buy how own equipment. Anyone who tries to escape is punished by death and its evident that the organisation has a long reaching arm.

Shin understands that the only way for him to find peace is to last through the violence of war. Killing is the only way to be free but every killing seems to erase a part of his old self. He meets various characters as Rocky the reporter, McCoy the old black market master, who sells from toilet paper to missiles. Every pilot has his story and we see many characters, from bloodthirsty mercs to traumatized Vietnam ex pilots. Ryoko is trying to trace Shin, without knowing what really happened, while Kanzaki sieges her and the company of her father, getting closer and closer to his goal with plots.

We get to see the hell of war, allong with the pain of romance and the frustration of self doubt. "Area 88" (1985) is a four-part anime series, totaling about three hours, that was one of the very first wave of OAV (Original Animated Video) series in Japan. Based on a manga series by Kaoru Shintani ("Cleopatra D.C."), it's a Foreign Legion-type tale updated to cover a civil war in a middle eastern kingdom ("Asran") and focusing on Shin Kazama, a young pilot from Yamato Airlines who's been shanghaied and forced to serve out a three-year contract with Asran's mercenary air force. While he spends his days shooting rebel planes out of the air (the more kills the sooner he gets out), his girlfriend Ryoko is back in Tokyo, baffled by his disappearance and courted by Shin's former best friend and fellow Yamato pilot, Kanzaki, who engineered Shin's abduction.

The series' chief draw is the action animation, particularly the aerial combat. While the character design is fairly simple, the fighter jets are meticulously detailed and animated frame by frame with painstaking efforts. This is all done in full-blown 1980s hand-drawn-and-painted anime style with bold lines, bright colors and intricate action. The results are quite breathtaking and rival the best mecha/giant robot animation of the decade. And, thankfully, there are enough such sequences throughout to keep viewers enthralled even during the slow spots. One memorable sequence has two of the mercenary pilots fly up to meet a jumbo jet and figure out how to disarm--in mid-flight--a pair of bombs strapped to its underside.

Also impressive is the level of detail applied even to the interior scenes. There's a scene at a corporate cocktail party in Tokyo where Ryoko and her father's secretary take a moment to relax and, in the process, notice a photo spread in Life Magazine that gives them a clue to Shin's whereabouts. Every detail in the scene--the fashions, the decor, the magazines, and the way the women move, sit and relax--is just so well executed that one dares to call the scene realistic.

Act I, "The Blue Skies of Betrayal," establishes the characters and provides flashbacks to their various backgrounds. Act 2, "The Requirements of Wolves," thickens the plot, involves the characters back in Tokyo more, and gives Shin the hope of finally getting out. Act III, "Burning Mirage," combines the original Japanese Parts 3 & 4 into one release and shows things coming to a head between Kanzaki and Ryoko in Tokyo while Shin undergoes a climactic crisis in the desert.


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