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Porky The Gob Full Movie Hd 1080p Download Kickass Movie

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Porky The Gob Full Movie Hd 1080p Download Kickass Movie

A battleship, manned mainly by dogs (and Porky), and whose captain sounds rather like Yosemite Sam, sets sail. When the crew threatens to get to the mess hall before the captain, he orders them to halt (and they do, some in mid-air). The ship gets a radio message of a reward for capturing the pirate submarine. The crew sets out in planes to go looking, leaving Porky behind. Naturally, the sub comes after the ship, and defense is up to Porky. He manages to repel the boarding party and winches the sub onboard with a plunger. Porky the Gob is one of the first cartoons directed by the duo of Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton, featuring Porky Pig. They had just inherited the recently-closed Tashlin unit at the time. They got 2 of their animators - Joe D'Igalo and Volney White, and brought 3 animators in - Rod Scribner (who would later go on to be regarded as one of the best animators at WB), Herman Cohen (coming from the Fleischer studio), and Gil Turner. They also got the travelling writer Melvin Millar for their new unit. The newly-formed unit then spent until 1940 taking over for Friz Freleng's absence, and the unit went to Freleng when he came back in the same year.

The cartoon starts off with a song sequence of the crew singing "We're Shoving Right Off Again". We then discover Porky is one of the members on the ship. We're then treated to some gags involving the stern captain. A telegram received by a crew member reveals that the pirate submarine, Sub-Zero, is wanted. The captain notices the reward for capturing it and then sends everyone of his crew on a mission...everyone except Porky, that is.

As for this cartoon, the music and vocals were good as always. The animation was enjoyable for the most part, although sometimes straying into off-model territory. The jokes were good enough, but very little of the "hahaha funny" type. The story was a bit oddly constructed, and the song at the beginning added little to the plot. Overall, an interesting cartoon, although some may not like it. . . . of sea-themed fare, including this Looney Tune, PORKY THE GOB. If memory serves, Porky's turn on the Poop Deck was preceded by BOSKO THE GOB and BUDDY THE GOB. I believe PORKY THE GOB was followed by EGGHEAD THE GOB, ELMER THE GOB, DAFFY THE GOB, and MICHIGAN J. FROG THE GOB (though I could be getting that last title confused with something else). The U.S. Navy Flattop featured in PORKY THE GOB is manned by a mixed crew of canines and lower-order primates, with Porky apparently serving as the lone swine. America's favorite ham plays his tulip-in-the-onion-patch part to perfection, winding up as the hero of this story when he captures a thinly-veiled Nazi U-Boat single-handed. PORKY THE GOB is just one in a series of Looney Tunes, live-action shorts, and feature films churned out by Warner Bros. in the 1930s to Warn America of Hitler's Coming Storm. Though Warner's clairvoyant prognosticators patriotically tried to give all of Der Fuhrer's U.S. Senator buddies from the Rich People's Party hot feet with these repeated cinematic omens, Fascism proved to be too entrenched in our Real Life Congress--Then as Now--to save America from Disaster (back then, of course, that would be Pearl Harbor, but Today? Who knows what Troubles Lurk?). Looney Tunes.

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