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Matando Cabos Movie Mp4 Download

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Matando Cabos Movie Mp4 Download

In Mexico City, the powerful and violent magnate of steel Oscar Cabos catches his daughter Paulina having sex with her boyfriend and his employee Javier "Jaque" and he works Jaque over. On the next day, Jaque pays a visit to Cabos in his office and the angry man comes with a golf club to hit Jaque again. However, Cabos accidentally trips on a golf ball, falls on the floor and faints. Jaque calls his best friend Mudo to help him, but the janitor Nacho finds his boss fainted on the floor and he steals and dresses himself with Cabos' clothes and jewels. Meanwhile, Nacho's son Botcha and his friend Nico have planned to kidnap Cabos and they are waiting for him in the parking garage. When he walks in the parking garage, the two kidnappers hit him on the back of the head, believing that he is Cabos, they cover his head with a bag. They head with the abducted man to the house of Botcha's girlfriend Lula. Meanwhile, Jaque and Mudo calls their wrestler friend Ruben "Mascarita" and his midget partner Tony 'El Canibal' to help them to get rid of Cabos in his birthday party. But both plans do not work well along the night. A dark, offbeat comedy about a group of Mexico City teens embroiled in a kidnapping involving a retired wrestling legend and a parrot. I just saw Matando Cabos. I have sent emails alerting my friends to see it before it leaves movie houses here in Phoenix. Familiarity with Mexico and its modern culture are a bonus but not requisite to liking this movie. Previous IMDb comments unfairly compare it to Pulp Fiction. There are very few films that could be so measured. The small audience here laughed out loud throughout. I laughed to the point of tears. This is not a "classic" and gets no 10 rating from me, as would Pulp Fiction. This is, however, the funniest film I have seen all year. It made me wish my Spanish were better, I'd bet this is even funnier than the subtitles present. 'Matando Cabos' is a mixture of the retro, Tarantino and absurd movies. It's a must to all of us that adored the b-movies of the 70s.

The story is not pretentiously developed in a way to be unpredictable, it's more like going out in this trip that you simply don't know what's going to happen next because you simply just don't know, just like in 'Go!'. In this fashion, 'Matando Cabos' results in an entertaining and hilarious urban adventure.

For all of those who are just sick of all those Latin American movies that just try to "portray" the reality of society with stories around prostitution, corruption, crime and injustice, you ought to see this movie. It's a good way to see that in Latin America they also "just want to have fun". Violent, vulgar, disgusting and incredibly funny.


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