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Hamatora Online Free

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Hamatora Online Free

The detective duo of Nice and Murasaki, otherwise known as "Hamatora," wait again today for work with their friends at a table at Cafe Nowhere that they use as their agency. Suddenly, a job they receive seems to have a weird connection with the serial killer that their police friend, Art is searching for. This series is set in a world were certain people have been discovered to have special powers; these people are known as 'minimum holders'. The story follows a group of these minimum holders who work for the titular Hamatora Detective Agency. When a serial killer starts targeting minimum holders the agency is invited to help a policeman called 'Art'. While the series has several major characters the protagonist is 'Nice' at as the series progresses the killer is seen to take a particular interest in him. We also learn that he isn't just targeting minimum holders because he dislikes them… be killing them he is able to use them to turn normal people into minimum holders.

This is an enjoyable series but isn't exactly a must see; the idea of people with powers has been done numerous times before and if you want an anime with that theme 'Darker than Black' is much better. This is more light-hearted though so if you don't want anything too deep it passes the time nicely. The characters are fun if a little cliché and their designs are fairly distinctive… although I'm not sure why Nice always has plasters on his face. There are some surprises to be had; including a cliff-hanger ending which suggests that there may be a further series… I guess it will depend on how successful this one is whether we get more or that will just be a teaser ending; I can see it annoying some viewers if that is the case!

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.


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