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Download Full Movie Challenge Of The GoBots In Hindi

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Download Full Movie Challenge Of The GoBots In Hindi

An animated series based on a line of toys called 'Go-Bots'. A race of intelligent robots is hiding on Earth, disguising themselves as ordinary cars and motorcycles. There are two factions: the good Go-Bots, called 'Guardians,' and the evil Go-bots, called 'Renegades.' Each episode features new attempts by the Renegades to seize control of Earth and the galaxy, and the Guardian's efforts to maintain peace. Gobots are loosely based on the Tonka toy line. There are two warring factions: the Gaurdians, lead by the charismatic Leader-1, and the Renegades, lead by Cy-Kill, who is bent on dominating Gobotron and then the Earth and the galaxy. This gotta be one of the saddest cartoons of all time. Even promotional animated characters are better than this. This was just a blatant attempt to cash in the popularity of Transformers, back at the time. Horrid animation, voices, character designs and plots, all obviously a poor attempt at re-create the Transformers' coolness. I would never recommend this,that just like 95% of Hanna Barbera's shows, is a total waste of time. Horrible. This cartoon was fun and so was the series that followed. It was one of those great 1980's cartoons.

There are obvious similarities with Transformers and I think that Transformers was a superior cartoon but this was fun too.

Both the good Gobots and bad Gobots were a lot more 'human' than the Transformers. Scooter was my favourite throughout the series. Also, in the interests of equality we had a few 'female' Gobots.

Like other 1980's cartoon heroes the good Gobots were truly moralistic whilst the bad Gobots were really wicked with no redeeming features at all.

Those who have watched Transformers might not enjoy this as much but it can be enjoyed if you're in the right mood.


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