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Download Adam Chaplin

Following the suspicious death of his wife, Adam investigates her murder and discovers mafia boss Denny, is involved. Unable to trust the corrupt police, Adam summons a demon who offers him superhuman strength, dark powers, and promises to lead him to the murderer if he does everything the demon asks. Adam Chaplin investigates his wife's murder and discovers mafia boss Denny, is involved. Unable to trust the corrupt police, Adam summons a demon to lead him to the murderer, if he does everything the demon asks. This film is absolute trash!!! it looks like trash, the dialogue is trash, the story is trash, the acting is get the point.


if you want a "good" trashy blood soaked movie with some action watch "Story of Ricky" or "Braindead" but what ever you do don't watch this steaming pile of.... When this came out it went immediately into the world of must see extreme gore flick. But the problem was released in Italian language it had to be translated. So far you will only find it common at conventions in it's original language or with German subs. And prices go high for this one. Luckily for the rest of the world there's also a release with English subs.

Sadly the one with English subs is 10 minutes shorter then the extended Itakian version but don't worry, even the shorter version will feed the gorehounds.

The story in such kind of flicks isn't that important but here we do have an actual simple story. But not for the casual horror geeks because Adam Chaplin always has that demon behind him telling stuff. It's low budget but the effects are really well done. And it's naturally gore galore all the way. Faces being smashed, arms being broken, heads being shot, you know what I mean, all done on- camera.

The acting is below zero and all looks a bit exaggerated. After 45 minutes you have seen it all, the way the killings are done and my attention faded away. But it do became a cult flick that is hardly sought by the gorehounds.

But if you can stand it until the end, the last 12 minutes are really messy.

Gore 4/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5 Although the new footage was not as extensive as initially announced, it still includes almost four minutes of new material, which mostly consists of extended or new splatter scenes.


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