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SIS Movie Hindi Free Download

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SIS Movie Hindi Free Download

The Special Investigation Squad, an elite secret police force, hunts down criminals in the streets of Los Angeles. When LAPD elite cop Billy Beckett is traumatized by his partner's death, Joseph Armstrong recruits him for his secret Special Investigation Squad, an elite quartet which gets a very free hand to hunt down and eliminate some of the worst criminals which would escape justice. Despite colleague Gabriel's suspicion and a reporter who hired a private detective to expose their 'police abuse', he proves his value in the fight against ruthless gangster Vic, who sacrifices even his weakling brother for a major diamond robbery. S. I. S. means Special Investigations Section, Los Angeles PD.

Joesph is the veteran boss, Melville the the hotheaded field leader; Donovan, Dorri, Garcia are other members of the team. SIS has a low profile.

In the early going, Garcia gets killed when a shootout with a jewel theft gang ends badly. Finishing the mutual vengeance is what the rest of the film is about. The thieves, led by Vic, want to kill everyone in SIS; SIS wants to kill all of them. Great stuff. Billy replaces Garcia.

Roz and her boss work with part of LAPD that is after SIS. Joseph is on touchy ground with the chief.

Will SIS get Vic in a reasonable manner? Will SIS keep its charter within LAPD?


Cinematography: 6/10 Shaky cam, fuzzy focus, VHS-level contrast problems. Some of the full-daylight footage is good.

Sound: 6/10 The dialog is audible, but incidental music is not really used to good effect.

Acting: 6/10 Almost up to the script. Keith David was fine. Most of the other actors were competent, plus or minus a little.

Screenplay: 7/10 Usual sort of police procedural. First of all my friend and I felt cheated. We rented this, thinking it was a feature-film, not a pilot episode of a TV-show. And a crappy one at that.

I don't even know where to start. The actors couldn't act, the lines were horrible and awkward there was no plot what so ever. Every cliché in the book. Ripping of ideas from Lethal Weapon: guy sitting with his stupid dog on the beach, same guy trying to kill himself with two different guns while playing with a clock radio.

The sets were horrible. Like the scenes viewing over L.A and the scene on the beach, both scenes, clearly shot on a sound-stage. And many scenes were shot inside a studio-lot. Clearly there was no money spent on this, except on lots of blood-bags, used in shoot-out scenes The actors all looked like they were unknown replacements for famous actors. Because the producers could'nt afford the ones they wanted for their crappy show. Annoying ever so wise black senior detective: clearly they wanted Morgan Freeman or Forest Whitaker. Big breasted cop: Jolie was too expensive. Bad cop in leather jacket: could'nt afford William Baldwin or David Duchovny. And so on.

As usual, I've warned you. This might be satisfactory for some 12 year old boys. But anyone older than that, with even half a brain, will hate this garbage.


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