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Turk 182! 720p Movies

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Turk 182! 720p Movies

Jimmy Lynch's brother, Terry is a fireman. While Terry was off duty he went to a bar and drank a little. That's when the building across the street caught fire. And when Terry learns there's a child inside he goes and saves the child but gets injured. He would be deemed unfit for duty and because he was off duty and drinking, the city decide not to give him his benefits. Jimmy goes to see the Mayor to plead for his brother. When the Mayor learns what happened, he calls Terry a drunk and not worth his time. Jimmy's upset that the Mayor said that. He then goes one of the Mayor's appearances and sees some guys do something. It seems like one a member of the Mayor's staff was facing corruption charges and he ran away, and it's believed that the Mayor knew he would. They write that to embarrass the Mayor. Jimmy decides to continue doing that by painting it everywhere the Mayor goes and signing it Turk 182. The Mayor then orders that this Turk be stopped so the Mayor's man Lt. Ryan tries to find him. Jimmy Lynch is angry because his older brother, who was injured as a result of an off duty fire rescue, is denied benefits by the city. At the same time, Mayor Tyler is embroiled in a political scandal that he denies all previous knowledge of. Jimmy begins painting "Tyler Knew, Turk 182" as an embarrassment to the mayor. The mayor is furious at this grafitti appearing all over the city and orders the police to find the artist. Jimmy's "Turk 182" spraypaints continue to appear. I love this movie, despite its flaws. Let me tell you why you will probably at least like it, too.

I have been reading through the comments of this movie and find myself agreeing with many of the generally positive and some of the negative comments made by previous posters. This remains to me a lovable movie, and after nearly 25 years, something of a cult classic.

What always got me was the basic story of the "dead-beat" younger brother, Jimmy Lynch, played by Timothy Hutton, standing by his tough, elder, FDNY fire-fighting brother, Terry, played by (the very much missed) Robert Urich, who had always taken care of him, but was now himself in need of medical care having been injured, and subsequently depressed, after trying to save a girl from a fire.

Terry has been denied benefits and help because he was off-duty and intoxicated. Jimmy goes all the way to NYC Mayor Tyler (Robert Culp), but is rebuffed.

Jimmy's inventive and high-profile - if unlawful - one-man campaign to play on the woes of the Mayor's own re-election campaign, and eventually gain public sympathy for his brother's plight, endears him to, and gains the intrigue of, the people and media of NYC, much to the chagrin of the Mayor, and in particular, his staff.

From the early "oh no!" and indignation of Terry's plight, to the amusing "Turk 182" campaign, you find yourself gradually getting more and more behind Jimmy, but the "Turk 182" campaign against the Mayor is anonymous and its true motive is still to be revealed. You realise that in order to succeed in publicising his brother's case, Jimmy must reveal his true motives which must also mean revealing himself as "Turk 182", and that will inevitably mean Jimmy having to face consequences - but what consequences exactly?. Aha!

By the time you get to the thrilling finale, if you are not rooting for Jimmy Lynch...well you just ought to go and change your name to "Scrooge" and have done with it.

You can debate the rights and wrongs of the decision not to give the Terry Lynch character his fire-fighter benefits, but the fact that NYC could take that position, and Jimmy continues to fight it on his brother's behalf, in itself tells you that the decision is perhaps not clear cut, hence the central conflict that the story runs from. Wouldn't really work if if there was no reasoning whatsoever behind it other than "The Mayor and the city are evil and stingy" now, huh? Now would you expect an off-duty Fire fighter to standby in such circumstances where a little girl is trapped in a fire, when the trucks and fire fighters are not there yet, although he's a had few drinks, but isn't fall-down drunk? Clearly the movie takes the sympathetic view that it is a pretty stingy way to treat a man who risked his life, to save a little girl and was injured in the process.

This is key to the movie. If you are not going to accept that premise then you may not have sympathy for the central characters and will not enjoy the film as much as those that can and do.

No, it's not the greatest film ever made, and yes it is essentially a feel-good movie, a bit flimsy in places, with some dodgy accents (I am not even American, let alone a New Yorker, and I was amused at some of the accents) and it had some thin characterisation of some of the support roles; but that thin characterisation is partly responsible for this movie's greatest asset.

That feel-good movie factor you get from this film arises from the empathy for Jimmy and Terry Lynch, and how you find yourself rooting for "Turk 182" and willing him on. The empathy and sense of injustice you feel for the characters would have suffered by having the Mayor and his minions, particularly Peter Boyle's angry detective, having deeper or greyer characters and coming across as at all sympathetic. I think Robert Culp plays the Mayor here perfectly. The character is hardly an evil, sneering Bond villain, and it's left unclear if he is actually even guilty of being anything more than a successful politician, but Culp's performance just leaves you feeling in your bones that the Mayor is "dirty" and probably guilty of something - and he does not therefore warrant any sympathy.

I can see that one of the reasons I love this movie is because it is a little bit more black and white than real life - and if it had been more realistic, it simply would not have given me the same level of empathy for the Lynch's sense of injustice and I would not have got the joy out of Jimmy Lynch's antics as "Turk 182" that I did when I first saw it back in circa 1986 - or still got when I last saw it in 2009.

The more fairly fleshed character of Terry Lynch may seem pale in comparison to his contemporaries - Tommy Gavin and his buddies from "Rescue Me", but it was a feel-good movie made in 1985, made in mind of the video generation, and aimed generally at a youngish audience. You could take the girlfriend to the movies to see Turk 182 - or better still, rent the video for the couch at home.

So relax and enjoy it for what it is, rather than slate it for what it isn't. Get behind "Turk 182", and maybe you'll experience some of the joy that I got out of this movie. OK, I'll have you know that I own a copy of this film so don't think I hate it viciously. It's not a bad story, and Hutton and Urich do well at their heavy New York accents. Actually, if there's one thing that makes the story, it's the thick flavor of 80's NY that runs through it. Some notable bit characters (notably Dick O'Neil) do great jobs as curmudgeons, and Culp and Boyle are completely evil. However, Steven Keats COMPLETELY blows it as a total NY buffoon stereotype- lines like "Dis is bee-yoo-tee-fulll", and "Dis is yoo-ge (huge) wit a capital U!" don't make him much more than a cartoon. Kim Cattrall's acting is pretty flimsy to boot. The ending is absurd beyond words- all of a sudden the mayor and all the cops revert their anger towards him and all cheer on Turk in a complete Hollywood photo finish. Please.

For me, the draw here is pretty much linked to the graffiti aspect of the movie. The sequence where Hutton sandblasts the subway train is fun stuff, as well as the over-the-top feats with the scoreboard, the mounted police horse, etc. But it's important to note, especially in the time period, that no such graffiti writer in New York could avoid massive and brutal prosecution. The story of NY writer Smith has so many parallels to this story it's hard to tell which came first- Smith's late brother Sane has even gone by Sane 182 in homage to the film. Smith painted his name on the side of the Brooklyn Bridge and not only made headlines, he came under the city's first million-dollar lawsuit. Turk 182 effectively makes the mayor look demonic, but only in a silly comic book way. There are some real heroes with real stories to tell from those days; maybe one day a realistic portrayal will come down the pike when people are ready to see both sides of that story.


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