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Hindi Portal 2 Free Download

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Hindi Portal 2 Free Download

Many years after "Portal," Chell reawakens at Aperture Science and tries to stop GLADoS once again with the help of Wheatley, who has his own plans for the historical facility. Chell, a test subject from Aperture Laboratories, attempts to escape the facility with the guidance of Wheatley, a clumsy and talkative personality core who mistakenly awakes GLaDOS, the mad and murderous central AI of Aperture, who strongly interferes with the breakout. I expected this game to be good.

Boy was I wrong.

This game took my definition of good, gave it steroids, and halfway through the game had permanently heightened the bar at which I considered a game "perfect." From the halfway mark, it continued to raise that bar, and in the end, still managed to jump miles above it. Portal 2 is easily my favorite game of all time.

When I started, I was just so amazed that I was freaking playing a sequel to my ex- favorite game of all time (the original Portal). But as I went on, I was just MAYBE starting to get ever-so-slightly bored of it, when BAM! The game took me, threw me against the wall, and yelled at me to never, ever, think those thoughts again.

The ending was just so awesome in how- I'm not going to give away anything- in how you just KNEW what you needed to do.

I laughed at the top-notch humor, I cried at the sheer beauty of the ending, a got goosebumps when *SPOILER REDACTED*, and for the first time ever, for the first time EVER in a video game, I felt like I was actually living through this as the character, and not just playing a game.

Buy this game. Play this game. LOVE THIS GAME.

You won't regret it. Years ago, when Valve launched Portal as a fun Half-Life 2 mod, everybody was thrilled with the concept of the game. Portal 2 didn't just live up to the expectations I had, it slammed them harder into the ground, than I could have ever imagined. If this is no game of the year, I don't know what is... Portal 2's plot reaches much deeper into the history of Aperture Science, revealing new characters and shining a light on the events of Portal 1. Of course the humor most certainly made it to Portal 2 and I want to say, this game is even funnier than its predecessor. The new characters and the deeper plot make this game a must-buy, but that's not good enough for Aperture Science, I mean Valve: A co-op mode was the only thing missing from Portal 1, and they included it in this gem of video games. Challenging test chambers and hours of brain explosions await you and your partner in the Aperture Science Co-Operative Testing Initiative. If you liked Portal, you'll love Portal 2. And if you've never played Portal... do it now! If you haven't replayed the original portal game recently, the premise of this game won't make any sense to you. Since it's initial release, Valve has changed the ending of Portal 1 via steam's automatic update system.

Portal 1 now ends this way: After you kill GLaDOS, you and her crumbling frame are sucked upwards into a white light. Chell comes to in the Aperture enrichment center carpark (as before). You can't move and it would seem Chell is still dazed.

From behind, you hear a masculine robotic voice behind you say "Thank you for assuming the party escort position." (This is a reference to an earlier order GLaDOS gave her to assume a submissive position, just after she escaped the pit of fire.) Then, as detailed in the online comic "Lab Rat", Chell is dragged to one of many "Long-Term Relaxation Chambers". These chambers, used to hold test subjects for long periods of time, are all offline, and it is implied that all other test subjects held in these chambers have died by the beginning of Portal 2. However, the mysterious "Rat Man", whose scribblings are seen in both games, turns Chell's relaxation chamber back on, preventing her death, but putting her to sleep until Wheatley wakes her up at the beginning of Portal 2.


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