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Fairy Tail: The Movie - Dragon Cry Movie Download In Mp4

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Fairy Tail: The Movie - Dragon Cry Movie Download In Mp4

In the new film, based on the Hiro Mashima's manga, Natsu Dragneel and his friends travel to the island Kingdom of Stella, where they will reveal dark secrets, fight the new enemies and once again save the world from destruction. "Dragon Cry" - it's a magic artifact, that power can destroy the world. For a long time she was kept in the Kingdom of Fiore, but in the end was stolen by the Kingdom of Stella. The main characters (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy and Carla) penetrate into the Kingdom on a mission undercover. In the end they will have to deal with the King Animus and his entourage (Zach and Sonya). The purpose of the Animus to enslave the world? And Sonya was secretly trying to save the country? Expect exciting adventures on the sea of intrigue and save the world. Im truly and utterly disappointed not only with this movie, but with Hiro Mashima himself. I have put so much time, money, and energy into my love for Fairy Tail. I have merchandise, and I am currently slaving away making a Minecraft Server based off of it. My family knows how much I love Fairy Tail. So my dad came to me today, all excited telling me he has found out about the new movie and he wanted to take me to see it. I, being a huge fan was squealing with excitement. To my horror, this is what I found out.

Erza Scarlet. She is in my top 3 favorite characters. She is kind but fierce, strong but merciful, wise and intelligent, badass, and still funny and entertaining. She is one of the strongest mages in the anime in my opinion, her power is almost limitless. I started watching this anime when I was pretty young (which probably wasn't a very good idea because I was still innocent) but she helped me grow confident in myself because as silly as it sounds she taught me when to show mercy, when to fight for what you believe in. But when she was displayed in this movie, it was like she was slightly strong but mostly there for the sex appeal. Her true strength wasn't shown at all.

Wendy Marvell. She was another one of my heroes. Being young like me I kind of looked up to her. In the Tartaros Arc, Wendy finally got her Dragon Force. This. Makes. Her. So. Very. Badass. She is now supposed to be very strong. However, she did go into her Dragon Force, but it was a horrible representation. She got little to no screen time, and she did not show her real strength! Charla, her white exceed. Turned into some sexy cat girl. Charla was supposed to "help Wendy fight" but we saw nothing of what Charla can do in that form. It was purely for sex appeal.

Gajeel Redfox. All I have to say is, he is a very powerful Dragon Slayer as well, but he literally didn't do any magic. Not even turn his arms into Iron.

Dragon Slayers. None. Of. Them. Even. Roared. That is like a trademark of the Dragon slayers, their roars. None of them even did it.

Don't get me wrong, seeing Natsu go into Dragon Form was cool, but honestly it could have been infinitely better. Natsu didn't do any magic in that form, he just threw punches. He got little to no screen time in that form either.

The Fights, were executed horribly, I am disgusted. And what made me fall in love with Fairy Tail is the whole, "fight for your comrades" "teamwork" "sacrifice" aspect. When they were "shown" it was a weak display. What I saw as the core values of Fairy Tail, were shown horribly.

Save your time and money from this movie. It isn't worth it. You are better off just sticking to the manga and the anime. I was so ashamed that I showed this to my father and he believed that I loved this anime, I apologized to him profusely and to redeem myself I am showing him the GmG arc. It is a good display of the anime and they fights. This anime started with little to no fan service, and it was all about teamwork and getting strong as a team. To see this movie to be 90% fan service disgusts me. The movie, 10% fights, 5% Core Values, 85% Fanservice. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it: Fairy Tail is easily the worst example of its genre, Shonen, that there is... and it's BAD! From it's terrible execution of fights to overuse of fan service, from the nonsensical character motivation to the plot induced stupidity and shark-jumping, from its clichéd and obnoxious characters and its overuse of friendship speeches that replace meaningful dialogue, Fairy Tail as a whole is just garbage. Only the greatest numb-skulls love this train wreck and even then most don't even watch it for anything else but the love affairs (shipping) that really aren't the focus of the series in the first or last place.

This movie follows right into the shoes of its source material. To start off, this movie was promised to take place AFTER the events of the manga, servicing as a climax to the series in the same manners as "The Last: Naruto the Movie" was to the Naruto manga. This is quickly dashed to pieces as it apparently takes place after the events of the Tartaros arc. So already we can tell that we're being lied to by the author himself, Hiro Mashima... not that being deceived by him isn't already common occurrence after the many times we were suckered into his horrible changes.

The plot itself is also basically a rehash of the last movie: An evil ruler of a newly introduced kingdom steals an ancient artifact of great power that he wants to use to take over the world; introducing King Animus as the Prince Cream and Sonya as the Éclair of this movie. There is, like in the manga, no originality in the story or characters. It's really a by-the-numbers Fairy Tail production with nothing you haven't seen before. The only difference: the budget is MUCH larger and the animation is nicer... what a waste of time and money.

The action is as simplistic and typically Fairy Tail as well, giving us the exact same formula of "good guy gets really beaten up but then believes in his friends and 1-shot the much more powerful enemy" that the series is infamous about. While we do get to see the highly hyped up Natsu as a semi-dragon it doesn't excuse the sloppy and boring action that FT has to offer on a constant basis.

The biggest difference Fairy Tail has with other series of its genre is the overuse of fan service. Whereas most Shonen have fan service but don't let it overstay its welcome, Fairy Tail actively tries to make itself appear like a soft-core hentai or unabashed ecchi. From Lucy using her weak sex appeal to get her wishes (contradictory to what her claims that she doesn't like doing this) to Erza being unfazed of being naked in front of anyone (save for Jellal) to the pathetic pandering of bathroom/sauna scenes, Fairy Tail has made a name for itself as the most depraved Shonen there is. Dragon Cry's promotional material and trailers all seemed to bash this into our heads by showing it's main character, Lucy Heartfilia, in seductive belly-dancer clothing, clothing she wears throughout a large portion of the movie... all to keep the viewer invested in seeing her for exactly what she is: a tool. I'm not going to act like fan service isn't allowed in Shonen but it has to make sense and be but a small distraction from serious or during comedic moments... not take up over 30% of the material. Fairy Tail's biggest fans only come to see half or fully naked 2D animated characters being put in situations of embarrassment, only to salivate over it like depraved horny mongrels.

Fairy Tail's strongest point, which the manga lacks obviously, is the anime's musical score. Music has always been a thing Fairy Tail does surprisingly right, giving us upbeat and sinister orchestral to soft and soothing scores. So as much as the movie is dull and boring, if you close your eyes and just listen then you might catch some good music every now and then when the characters aren't speaking. If that doesn't do it for you, refrain from wasting money on this movie and just buy/download the OST of it and enjoy what little good it has to offer.

In conclusion, not that it comes to anyone's surprise, this movie is purely a waste of time, effort and money. Hiro Mashima was stated to have written the script and story of this movie and it blatantly shows. It has everything good and bad, especially bad, that the worst of Shonen has to offer. I would tell its fans to not waste their time watching it but I know that would be as much a waste of effort as everything else. So to them I say: this is exactly what you're used to, only with nicer animation and a longer running time... enjoy your garbage!

To anyone new to the series or movie: Go waste your money on something else.

And to those who massively downvote this review: the only reason you're doing it is because you're too salty to realize I'm right. Goes to show how much of a hypocritical fanbase FT really has if the fans cannot even tolerate other people's opinions. People even write reviews like Youtube comments to respond to other reviews they dislike... truly pathetic, but not unexpected for Fairy Tail fans.


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