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Twice A Judas Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

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Twice A Judas Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

Luke Barret loses his memory after a bullet grazed his head in a shoot-out in the wild West. Trying to discover the man who tried to kill him, he will discover he is a paid gunman too, and terrible truths about his family. Luke Barrett regains his consciousness and finds himself laying in the desert dust next to a dead man. Also, next to him is a rifle with the word 'Dingus' carved on its stock. Luke cannot remember anything that happened, who he is or how he got there. A bullet grazed his head and gave him a concussion. He has temporary amnesia. Nevertheless, he collects a few useful things from the scene of the shooting, picks up a horse and heads toward the nearest town. In town he goes to the saloon for a drink to help clear his head. In the saloon, a stranger clad in black greets him by his name and asks him why he's late. He also asks where Donovan is. Luke decides to play along in order to find out more about himself. Through conversations with the stranger and other townsfolk who seem to know a lot about him, Luke starts piecing together the facts. That's how he finds out that he, Luke Barrett, and partner Donovan were hired by the stranger clad in black clothing to kill Victor Barrett, a land-owner businessman who also happens to be Luke's brother. The stranger muses that Luke must really hate his brother to agree to kill him for a fee. Luke and the stranger go to a meeting place outside the town where Victor is holding a vote among the farmers who must decide whether to sell their lands to Victor, sell to the bank or not sell at all. While Luke decides to face his brother Victor for a gunfight, the stranger takes aim, using a sniper rifle, from a nearby hill. However, fate will throw things upside-down for both Luke and Victor Barrett. And, gradually, Luke will start recovering his memory which will prove to be both a good thing and a bad one. I respect the other comment but feel as though this movie had a great story idea about a main character Luke Barrett having amnesia (Antonio Sabato). The first spaghetti western to use amnesia. I believe the camera work was great by well known Aristide Masaccesi. Victor Barrett played by (Klaus Kinski) gives a great performance as Luke's brother of course he's not he is only playing with Luke's amnesia which finally clears as the story unfolds he is actually Dingus half Indian who sets out to destroy the Barrett family. Dingus/v. Barrett plays a land baron stealing poor farmers land and using illegal Mexicans from the border to work the land.

This story could have been great if the script was changed in a few parts to catch the audience more with the unraveling amnesia mystery.. Nando Cicero's "Due Volte Giuda" aka. "Twice A Judas" of 1971 starring Antonio Sabato and the great Klaus Kinski, may not be a Spaghetti Western masterpiece, but it is certainly an entertaining and suspenseful and vastly underrated film.One aspect that makes this movie special is the amnesia story. This is one of the few Spaghetti Westerns to include amnesia, and the only one I've seen in which the topic of amnesia is actually one of the primary aspects of the plot, which follows a man (Antonio Sabato), who wakes up with a grazing gunshot wound to his head, next to a corpse in the middle of the desert, and has no clue who he is. The first half hour of the movie is quite confusing, and that's what maintains the suspense.

Kinski delivers an excellent performance as always, and Sabato fits in his role very well. José Calvo is furthermore convincing as an alcoholic doctor. The rest of the performances are OK too, but I couldn't say that any of them were particularly worth mentioning. The film is nicely (though in no way outstandingly)photographed, and the score is also quite good (although certainly not brilliant).

"Twice A Judas" is an original and suspenseful Spaghetti Western, and although it looses some of its quality towards the end, which is, in my opinion, a bit cheesy and too fast-paced compared to the film's beginning, it is certainly worth watching and way underrated. If you're a fan of Spaghetti Westerns and/or Klaus Kinski, I recommend to give this a try. 6/10


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