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The Silent Valley Download Movies

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The Silent Valley Download Movies

"Valea Mutã" is a gripping, fast-paced thriller seen through the eyes of two teenagers whose clandestine meeting unravels into a nightmare. Filip and Horia are two teenagers who seem to be bound by no more than just their friendship. However, one night, when visiting Horia's cabin, they discover their mutual attraction to each other and have an illicit encounter. When a car stops close to the cabin, Filip and Horia find themselves in the middle of a nightmare: they witness a multiple murder. Afraid that the disclosure will bring to light their relationship, the boys decide to stay silent. But, soon, the secret becomes unbearable and Filip and Horia go through a series of frightening events. A movie produced by HBO, probable low budget, a 17 years old kid on the way to high school?:)), actors playing a cheap theater. Rodica Lazar is missing the reality, Emilian Oprea cheap and unnatural acting unnatural Otherwise SciFi forests,Brasov, gypsy and police. Worth a 1, with great indulgence! I'm wondering why "Umbre" did not continue, even if was as well a copy from an Australian series. About gay story, is something too much for us, I accept but seeing two kids probably is too much. I'm curious what's next? Who's giving more than 1-2 star for such crap, please let me know, probably I did not get the essence of this series. HBO is pushing too much with this cheap copy, just to test our intelligence :)) The subject is interesting, with potential. The way actors play.... not natural at all. Horia, Elena, Robert are the "champions" in this regard - I do not know which one is more awful. Horia at least has the excuse that is still young. Considering how dark and depressing Romanian movies are in general this one is quite an improvement, it is refreshing the fact that it is based somewhere else than the capital-Bucuresti. First 3 episodes are decent. But the 4th one is a total disappointment.

So we have Robert a ruthless hierarchically climber in law enforcement, with excellent result in his work, he does anything in order to achieve his goals- even kill. Horia and his friend witness such a murder( the gay subject is conveniently inserted here). From here begins the entire action...

In the 4th ep Robert suffers an overnight "lobotomy" and acts like a total newbies... If till here the plot seemed realistic... here things go ballistic, in the wrong way. It is like the movie makers didn't care anymore and wanted to finish faster with it. My biggest problem is the acting. Without exaggeration some of them act as if a stick is inserted somewhere- very stiff, and I now they can perform much better(example Emilian Oprea in Why me)...


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