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The Last Run Full Movie Hd 1080p Download

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The Last Run Full Movie Hd 1080p Download

A retired getaway driver comes out of retirement to pull off one last run- one that could send him to an early grave instead. A former getaway driver from Chicago (George C. Scott) has retired to a peaceful life in a Portuguese fishing village. He is asked to pull off one last job, involving driving a dangerous crook and his girl-friend to France. However, the job turns out to be a double-cross and the trio are pursued back to Portugal where they make one last stand on the coast while the enemy assassins attempt to gun them down. Syndicate wheelman Harry Garmes (George C. Scott) comes out of a nine year retirement to do one last job that involves ferrying escaped con Paul (Tony Musante) and his girl Claudie (Trish Van Devere) over the French border. Naturally, things do go as planned as their rendezvous is a set-up to kill the duo and Harry takes action. If you like the misanthropy on display in other early 70s Scott flicks like RAGE (1972) and THE NEW CENTURIONS (1972), than this is for you. This is a great little action flick that is really working on two levels, kinda like the same year's VANISHING POINT (what a great time for fans of esoteric action!). Garmes laments about the enemy of time and the car he so meticulously takes care of becomes a symbol of the man himself as it slowly starts to wear down over this tough journey. Apparently Scott feuded so much with original helmer John Huston that he quit and was replaced by Richard Fleisher. Fleisher uses the beautiful mountain roads of Spain to stage some great car chases, all set to a fantastic score by Jerry Goldsmith. The plot is simple: an aging criminal getaway driver stumbles out of semi-retirement for one last job and ends up getting more than he bargained for. It's the stuff film noir writers have dreamed up for years. But in Richard Fleischer's "The Last Run", released in 1971 and starring George C. Scott, it feels refreshingly original and brash.

A troubled production from the start, "The Last Run" barreled through several directors (including John Huston) before Fleischer came on board. It probably wouldn't have been quite as successful without the star status of Scott... an interestingly low budget choice for an actor spring boarding off his home run performance in the blockbuster "Patton" a year earlier. And it is Scott who gives the film its grizzled pessimism... portraying his character Harry Garmes as a guy who understands the consequences of a lifetime on the fringes. He doesn't wink at the audience and for that, "The Last Run" is a seriously overlooked film that ranks with "The Outfit" and "Prime Cut" as three no-nonsense early 70's examples of the crime picture done amazingly right.


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