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Not Yet, He Ain't Download Movies

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Not Yet, He Ain't Download Movies

Allready wanted for a robbery they didn't commit, Batman and Robin fake their own deaths with a little help from Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara. They even allow the Penguin to take hold of the Batmobile, now renamed 'Birdmobile' in order to keep track on them via a hidden camera. Framed by the Penguin, Batman and Robin prepare a trap to lure the supervillain into executing his true scheme's masterstroke. "Not Yet, He Ain't" begins with Batman and Robin reviving in time to avert being shot through the heart by using the bullet proof soles of their shoes to absorb the bullets fired by Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara. Not finding two corpses where they ought to be, The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) barges into Gordon's office and demands to know why Batman has yet to be arrested, if the red Batphone makes it simple enough to contact him. Batman receives Penguin's challenge over the phone, and promises to be there in 25 minutes. Demanding police protection for the threat on his life, the tricky bird seems to hold all the cards, and when the Dynamic Duo arrive, driven insane by persecution, the two must flee at the sound of police sirens. Riddled by machine gun fire in an alley, the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder are promised a decent burial by the saddened Commissioner, while Penguin rides around town in the reconfigured Batmobile, now his personal Birdmobile. At this juncture he proposes marriage to Sophia Starr (Kathleen Crowley), with the volume of expensive gifts his ultimate prize all along: "a fortune in wedding gifts and still a bachelor!" Our first look at the Batcycle (a new one seen in the feature film, and four further episodes), and a surprise for the arch villain concludes with a priceless line about one item still to do for Batman: "the Batmobile, we'll have to have it fumigated!" Even after trying to make off with wedding gifts before the ceremony, a still smitten Sophia Starr is convinced that she can help reform the hardened criminal, who wants nothing to do with her: "married, and kept in a bathtub? Great heavenly ice floes, take me to prison!" This match of writer Lorenzo Semple Jr. and director Leslie H. Martinson would be retained for the feature film that began shooting once the first season ended. Well, the cagey bird gets caged.

No, it is not easy. This episode the police actually shoot the caped crusaders.

Then Penguin and his gang liberate the Bat Mobile and make it into the Bird Mobile.

Thinking Batman is dead, Penguin continues his charade of going straight.

What finally trips him is a woman, not the caped crusaders. A woman who want to marry him and make him go straight for real.

He steals the wedding presents and leaves the bride at the alter.

Meanwhile, Batman & Robin get out their first bat cycle to catch the bird mobile and the bird.

Yes, there will be more episodes next week, on the same bat channel.


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