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Back To The Future: The Game - Episode 5, Outatime 720p Torrent

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Back To The Future: The Game - Episode 5, Outatime 720p Torrent

Marty discovers that Edna has burned down Hill Valley as a result of his actions in 1931. Doc and Marty must prevent Edna from doing whatever she did that resulted in Hill Valley getting destroyed. I am going to borrow, one of Michael J. Fox's lines from his TV Show Family Ties. You can see all the scene here: "On a scale of 1 to 10? 35!!!" It's one of these rare cases that the top IMDb rating cannot really measure up to the value of this creation. And I am not talking just about episode 5, I am talking about all of them. Where do I start? Story? Not only it's thrilling, adventurous and unpredictable. It fills all the blanks the movies left. And I mean all of them, in all time periods! Direction? It's a pity this did not came as a full movie or movies. I mean, I know it would be impossible due to the age and condition of Michael, but come on! They could release the whole thing as it is, as a full motion animated movie. Cast performance? It really stands up to the movies, if not better. Comedy, Action, Mystery, Drama? It has it all! I almost cried when I found out who Trixie was. Highly recommended to everyone, not just BTTF fans! With Bad Doc still unsure about betraying Edna Strickland, Marty must help young Emmett complete his real demonstration at the Hill Valley science expo. But after his success the entire town mysteriously vanishes.

The story in this episode is much, much better and really does come together well. There are long character scenes which work perfectly, giving the story some soul, and the climax feels like you're actually taking part in a BTTF adventure.

Michael J. Fox even voices William McFly (who we've seen peeing on Marty) and several older Martys who all appear at once. Overall, it's a satisfying 'conclusion' to a long journey, but I feel there are still plenty more adventures in store for Marty and Doc in the future...or the past...on an alternate present. Despite the last scene where the Future Martys' try to tell Marty & Doc about what happens in the future and the "To Be Continued" logo appearing at the end of the game. It's unknown if Telltale is planning to make more or this was done in order to make the story to Back to the Future more opened up for possible new installments. As of now the idea of further adventures of Marty & Doc are up in the air. Unknown. It can be safely assumed that Marty *did* go back to 1955 and that Doc *did* help him to get back in the new timeline, which is visible in George's personality, Biff's continued subservience and the fact that Marty and Doc are still aware of their time-traveling adventures.

It's also possible that Biff's lack of aggressiveness and George's self-confidence came about differently in the new timeline. In the old timeline, Biff's personality was most likely defined by his father's criminal nature. In the new timeline, Biff didn't see Kid Tannen until he was released from prison, by which time he is assumed to have been reformed in the new timeline by his new relationship with Edna. Without the bullying influence of Biff and gang in his formative years, George would have been able to develop more normally and would not have been hindered in his career by Biff coercing George into doing his homework.

One can only surmise that the course of events that led to Doc's helping Marty in 1955 was also slightly different (i.e. Doc was shocked to see Marty, but not in the same way as in the first film). It's also likely that Marty would not have known just why 1955 Doc Brown would have recognised him. Further speculation might even lead one to conclude that Emmett broke his promise, read the newspaper, which in turn inspired him to build the time machine (and not, as stated in the first film, when he fell from the toilet).

These examples show how the events of 1931 could have influenced the events of 1955 and yet have still achieved the original outcome, but also how easily it could have significantly changed history. In other words: Marty was lucky that he did not cause a major time paradox.


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