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Born To Fight Movie Free Download In Hindi

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Born To Fight Movie Free Download In Hindi

A group of athletes helping a poor village must stop an evil tyrant and his men from terrorizing the village. Daew is a cop who has nailed the evil gunrunner General Yang, but his partner is killed in the case and Daew becomes depressed. However, his sister asks him to join her and some of her athlete friends to a small village to give food and toys to the villagers. What starts out as a trip to help people turns into a nightmare when Yang's men arrive at the village and take over, demanding the release of Yang or a nuclear missile will hit Bangkok. When villagers are killed left and right, Daew and the athletes must start a revolution against the tyranny before it's too late. I saw a trailer for this on another DVD, and I was immediately intrigued, because it was from the same people who brought us Ong Bak and The Protector. Although the star wasn't Tony Jaa, it featured the same lack of CGI or wires when it came to the stunts, some of which looked downright death-defying, like the one in the opening sequence in which a stuntman nearly got run over by an 18-wheeler.

The plot in this one is nothing new: grieving cop takes a break to visit a village with some national athletes, only it gets attacked by criminals who take the villagers hostage and demand the return of their leader who just happened to be caught by the cop. The cop then inspires the athletes and the villagers to fight back and also prevent Bangkok from being nuked.

This movie, like most action movies, relies on the wild fights and stunts to carry it, and the action in this one is top-notch. The "athletes" in this movie are actual Thai athletes who perform their own moves, but it's not just them who carry the fight to the villains; the villagers join in, aided by an old man and a little girl skilled in Muay Thai, and also a one-legged man who doesn't let his infirmity stand in the way of kicking some butt.

In addition to some mind-boggling stunts and fights, there were moments of genuine emotion in this. In one scene, a villager is killed by the bad guys right in front of his daughter, and just as it is about to happen, the camera has a hand put over it so that we do not see it, as if we were the little girl.

Another scene which had some punch to it was the murder of the local Buddhist priest. Thais are a very spiritual people, and so the death of this man was a powerful blow to not only them but myself.

My only complaint (and a minor one at that) is that it takes a little while for the action to get started as the athletes pass out humanitarian supplies to the villagers, though there is one side-splitting scene in which one of the athletes tries to explain his sport (rugby) to the locals, who mistake it for something else.

This movie is a well-spent 100 or so minutes, so check it out. This film is from Thailand, and some of the producers and action choreographers from Ong Bak and the Protector worked on it. The reason a film like this will never be made in the U.S. is because its emotion in the story is patriotism. A bunch of terrorists take over your town and shoot your family members, are we going to sit and do nothing like the Jews did in the holocaust? Heck no! When the National anthem plays on the radio that one of the terrorists was listening to, the whole group of them fights back and takes back the village, or dies trying. The whole movie is one huge action scene and the stunt men must have a lot of pride in their country to do the thing that they were doing(ouch). so go buy this movie before Hollywood destroys all copies of it since they hate when people have pride in anything other than the government.


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