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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

A troubled young man still mourning the childhood loss of his family now has to deal with his professor being turned into a monster. As a child Jack Brooks witnessed the brutal murder of his family. Now a young man he struggles with a pestering girlfriend, therapy sessions that resolve nothing, and night classes that barely hold his interest. After unleashing an ancient curse, Jack's Professor undergoes a transformation into something not-quite- human, and Jack is forced to confront some old demons... along with a few new ones. After witnessing the brutal murder of his family as a child, Jack Brooks has grown up to be one messed up cat. Jack has some anger issues and the therapy sessions don't help at all. When Jack's Night School Professor unleashes an ancient curse, he is forced to confront some old demons and save the day.

The films greatest strength are those fabulous, rubber suited monsters. Their faces were grotesquely comical. Each unique monster was lovingly created with creepy, campy perfection. There is a healthy helping of bloodshed and gore too. Trevor Matthews is quite good as Jack Brooks and Robert England gives a hilariously memorable performance as Professor Crowley. The film does suffer some pacing issues. There was more build up than necessary, and the action takes a little too long in coming. But when the action starts, the film goes full throttle. It is one high energy, entertaining scene after another. This is an action-packed, funny, and gory monsterfest, only slightly marred by a slow start. Highly recommended! Co-producer / co-story author Trevor Matthews is also our title character here. Jack Brooks is an aimless 20 something plumber with severe anger management issues. This stems from a traumatic childhood incident in which he had to watch his family get massacred by a forest monster. Years later, while attending a night school science class, he agrees to take on a job for his teacher, Gordon Crowley (genre icon Robert Englund). Naturally, Crowley lives in a house with a sordid & violent history and the evil forces still residing on this property are soon free to possess Crowley.

"Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" does earn points for being in the spirit of insane, low budget 1980s horror. The main problem for this viewer is that, for too much of the running time, some of the humour just fell flat, and it was hard to really care about the main character. What *is* irresistible is the chance to see Englund be broadly funny; he doesn't get that many opportunities to do comedy. He's the main reason to watch. A large amount of the humour is of the lowbrow variety, with no shortage of gas and vomit jokes. But the ultimate monster design is endearingly silly, and the makeup effects and gore are fun.

Matthews is good as Jack, especially late in the game when the big shift occurs in his character and he decides to become the ass kicking hero. Rachel Skarsten delivers an effectively bitchy performance as Jacks' fed-up girlfriend. Daniel Kash (Spunkmeyer in "Aliens") is fine as the weary psychiatrist. And David Fox does a reasonably amusing job as our elderly tale spinner / exposition provider.

Enjoyable enough combo of laughs and shocks does work towards a decent finale.

Six out of 10. This low-budget horror comedy arrives via a lively trailer and a witty print ad, yet the film itself never quite takes off.


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