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Blastfighter Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

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Blastfighter Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

The hero of the film is a murderer. He is an ex cop who served eight years in prison for the murder of his wife's murderer. Upon release from prison, he decided to return to his hometown to escape from his past. En route to his ancestral home in Georgia, one of his friends gives him a gun that fires grenades, smoke bombs, steel balls, rockets, and several other types of projectiles. One day, while just looking through the scope of his gun for no apparent reason, he happens to spot a large buck. He follows the deer with the scope and is surprised when he witnesses a group of local boys poach the deer. The hero puts the gun under the floorboards of the porch, where it remains until very near the end of the movie. Upon investigating the poaching, he uncovers a horrifying poaching ring run by a man from Hong Kong who is paying the locals a couple of thousand dollars per deer and using bits of the animals for Oriental medicines. Our hero decides to clean up the ring. However, he runs into difficulty when he finds out that the whole thing is sanctioned by his former best friend who appears to make the rules in the town from the comfort of his logging company, in total disregard of the local laws and police. The hero's daughter shows up and complicates matters. The confrontation escalates and people around the hero begin to die. He decides to take revenge. After his daughter is killed, he breaks out the gun under the porch... Jake 'Tiger' Sharp, a former Georgian police officer has been released from jail, after serving a 8-year sentence for taking the law into his own hands. Tiger decides to return to his hometown Georgia as he tries to live a quiet life and try to escape from his past. But for Tiger, things are about to get very bad. When he gets cruelly taunted by a group of deer poaches who are employed by a man from Hong Kong, who is using the deers they kill to make medicine. But when the poachers rape and kill his long-lost daughter Connie, Tiger looses his rocker. Armed with a arsenal of weaponry, Tiger, with a thirst for vengeance, decides to give the Poacher's a dose of their own medicine, as he sets out off on a violent rampage, as he blasts the poachers to pieces... This has got to be one of the best bad films i have ever seen. The plot is atrocious. It starts of with an ex cop out to avenge the murders of his wife. he meets an old buddy from the force who gives him... BLASTFIGHTER.. the gun with a million different uses...spray of darts armour piercing explosive tips etc.. etc The hero gets into position to kill the crooked lawyer who got his wife's killer off, he has him in his sights but doesn't shoot. Instead he drives off into a cabin in the hills to think things over, the film doesn't return to this incident it just sort of forgets all about the need for vengeance and turns into a deliverance meets Rambo type hodge podge. In the end he kills about 30 or 40 redneck hunter types because one of them killed a little dear he saved when they killed the dears mother, oh and i think they might have killed his best friend raped his daughter and killed her boyfriend though i can't really remember. He drives into the town at then end in his pick up with all the dead bodies in the back and a whole lot of explaining to the authorities...this was the days of Rambo and death wish where multiple homicides were common place and he probably got let off with a fine..I bought this movie for 50p years ago at a video clear-out store and used to watch at all the time,it had a cult following amongst me and my friends until the tape nipped and we ceremoniously burned it. I am not usually a big fan of action movies. That is, American action movies. Being a fan of Italian horror films, I was attracted to this film because of the director, Lamberto Bava. This was fun movie to watch, and kinda funny to-

unintentionally. It was funny to see the Italian take on American rednecks from Georgia- did a pretty good job of it, but very much a caricature of rednecks. I don't want to spoil it, but there is a lot of over the top situations where the viewer will say, "they wouldn't do that!", or "that wouldn't ever happen!". But that is the joy of watching films, to see things that couldn't or wouldn't happen in real life.

This is almost a cliché' for a action movie from the 80s. Explosions, big guns, and a sweaty dirty hero. I had to pick up a DVD-R from somebody, I don't believe that this is distributed by any company at the moment- in the US at least.


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