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Killer Bees Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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Killer Bees Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

After a truck accident causes their release, a small rural town is faced with a swarm of killer bees. Sheriff Lyndon Harris of a rural Washington town tries hard to smoothen life for his people, while shark mayor Ditwaller is out to acquire property after bank foreclosures. Lyndon also has an ex who presses for divorce and two kids, who need his help, especially son Dylan, who is easily lead astray by champion imp Jared Wylie. After noticing a Mexican truck with bee hives and several unusually aggressive bee attacks, Lyndon take doc's advice to consult entomologist Riley Muir, who concludes it's the northernmost-ever case of Latin American killer bees. Despite more bee attacks, the mayor refuses safety precautions, giving sole priority to closing a deal with a distributing company at the honey festival. Imagine 'Jaws"with a $2.00 production cost.Small town with tourists coming soon.A sheriff who hates bees but lives in a town that relies on bees to make their living.Sounds like another sheriff we knew who hated the water but lived on an island. Soon into the picture a shark-oops,BEE kills someone.Sheriff is alarmed but the Mayor and other town locals ignore his warnings.Throw in a few teens who run amok in their sailboats- Er, pickup truck( along with sheriffs son)and you just know there's terror(?)around every flower bed.Son ignores daddy sheriff and runs amok with brainless friends who find great humor in killing off a herd of cattle with a box of bees.Hey,I COULDN'T make this up! Nor would I even try.As a few more extras get stung and die-the only way to get out of this bad movie before the drawn out ending-the sheriff tries to warn the townspeople.But don't pluck your tulips just yet,folks.The sheriff saves the day and the plants are pollinated just in time for crop season.As for the herd of dead stung cattle-we assume 'Killer Bees 11' will start with the town having a big old barbecue. I love Killer Bee movies. If anything would be in my top 30 film genres, it would most assuredly be Killer Bees. Me and my life partner, Jonas, decided to have a Killer Bee movie night. What a night that was! We watched 5 Killer Bee movies in one night and two the next! Definitely, this was one of the best. There's an exclaimation mark on this title for a reason. I don't want to give away too much, but you will never want to drink a beer again after the terrifying bee-in-the-beer segment that kills off a farmer! Holy moses! Killer Bees are a very real and dangerous threat. This movie did not shy away from the truth about them. I found the acting to be understated and subtle, a tone that was definitely necessary and sensitive to the hundreds that have died in killer bee attacks.

The lead guy gave a great performance.

I give this bee-tastic film a 10 out of 10.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Dan "The Movie Man" Wolfson!


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