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Circle Of Fear Full Movie Kickass Torrent

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Circle Of Fear Full Movie Kickass Torrent

After a report of a possible black arts event in the nearby woods, Mitch and Ryan investigate and find a half-burned book containing strange incantations. Their search leads them to a specialty occult book shop where they find a duplicate of the book where the incantations are shown for calling evil spirits. So, I think BAYWATCH NIGHTS is a dud. It's a total misnomer in the BAYWATCH genre. And where it is supposed to be scary, it is just toe- curlingly embarrassing. It wouldn't scare a Grade One kid. The acting is horrible and The Hoff hams it up to a point of "Somebody shoot him, please?"

Tonight I had a vision. I saw "Circle of Fear" and saw what BAYWATCH NIGHTS could have been like. It was mostly left to Angie Harmon and she did a great job. It struck me that BAYWATCH NIGHTS should not have been anything to do with BAYWATCH, but rather CHARLIE'S ANGELS, investigating into the occult. No, forget about CHARMED. Just observe this episode, but no hassling with hammy old aging David Hasselhoff, just an ensemble cast of lovely girls encountering paranormal activities.

And "Circle of Fear" could have been the pilot episode. Just without Mr SuperCool oh-so-not. Thank you Angie for a great performance! Pity you were so wasted there! But at least not in this episode.

Plot concerns Ryan propelled by her curiosity to find out more about the burnt-out book of witchcraft she found on a crime scene. Along the way there are some scenes which ranks as the first time BAYWATCH NIGHTS ever really got creepy. There is that undead girl, and Ryan's dead parents in their coffins, but that is of course not what did it for me. It is the juxtaposition of beauty and ugliness. With Ryan (Angie Harmon) being the beauty.

If only you could have eradicated the overblown Mr Hoffman from the set. I did like his Linda Blair reference, though. One of the best lines in BAYWATCH NIGHTS (BAYWATCH included)... Even a bit part for Cindy Margolis, but the focus had to return to that aging big-in-Germany superstar with the up-swept hairdo...

I do not think the series will improve from now on. I rather think this one was a fluke. Incidentally, the episode has no opening credits. I don't know the director or writer. I suppose it's here on IMDb. Okay, respectively, Bruce Kessler and Donald R. Boyle. But that's all beside the point. Nineteen years ago, past history. Too late to say it now, but this episode is a step in the right direction. But just step on Hasselhoff! But, shame, don't ruffle his hair too much.


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